[ANN] OASIS - Community Driven, Targeting the Gaming Industry. PoS Masternode Coin.

  • Full PoS, Masternode 75% and Proof of Stake 25% of block reward

    OASIS is a community driven cryptocurrency. With carefully calculated ROI and relatively low supply, we have aimed at creating a perfectly balanced masternode coin that will interest a large market audience. 

    OASIS is a PoS coin. Xevan algorithm was used to initially create 300,000 Oasis for coinswap, we then moved on to the PoS phase. 120,597 OASIS were burned after the close of the swap. PoS coins are very energy efficient which means you can run a masternode with ease using only a VPS with 1 CPU core and as little as 1 GB of RAM!

    Block time is every 60 seconds, though this may vary slightly depending on network lag. This also means that the maximum time you’d have to wait for a transaction to go through, is approximately 60 seconds.

    Difficulty is retargeted every block, meaning that rewards are distributed consistently, with rewards being given out every 50 to 70 seconds depending on the network connections.

    SwiftX allows for instantly verifiable transactions, meaning that once you send your coins you will receive no less than 5 conformations in a second. You can send Oasis anywhere in the world and they could receive them within 5 seconds. 

    Send your coins anywhere and remain completely anonymous using ZeroCoin feature! Zerocoin provides anonymity by the introduction of a separate mixing service known as zerocoin that is stored in the Oasis blockchain. 

    OASIS has a decentralized system of governance to manage, fund, maintain and expand OASIS. In doing so we are able to set aside a percentage of funds and this will be discussed in full with the community before doing so. Governance is implemented. Proposals will be able to be submitted following Block 402000, The road-map will then be released upon consensus vote!

    Algorithm: Xevan was used to premine the initial coins and now we are fully PoS.
    Masternode Collateral: 285 Oasis Coins
    Block Time: 60 seconds
    Initial Supply: 300,000 OASIS Coins to accommodate supply
    Rewards Per Block: 0.3 Oasis [Reward System]
    Rewards Split: Masternode 75% / Stake 25%
    ROI: Current ROI is 212% with 196 masternodes online
    Minimum Staking Age: 3 hours
    Conformations: 6 Conformations

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  • Not convinced. How do you plan on target this to gamers, through what method?

  • @soldatchristi We are currently still looking at options since our coin is relatively new. We have mostly geared towards creating a e-sports betting site for crypto users. It would be a website that would allow you to deposit Oasis Coins, BTC, ETH to begin with. As you already know e-sports is slowly starting to develop. Epic games have pledged to pump $100 Million into  Fortnite e-sports alone! Not to forget there are games such as PUBG, CSGO and LoL... Just to name a few

  • I will check out your Discord.

  • @oasis Don't you think that is something you should have thought about BEFORE starting this? 

    I mean, it is your main selling point, but you are still looking at options? Seems more to me that you wanted to create something somewhat related to blockchain but do not know what, and you are just sort of going by the seat of your pants.

    So why should we invest in your team's minds? Because right now, that is all anyone has from you. Not even a specific plan, but the plan to have a plan.

    • If you are going for the betting site, why create a whole new blockchain for it? Why not just run it as a DAPP using the currencies you mentioned. 
    • Why create a whole new thing with no network effect, fewer developers, less funding? 
    • What will the USP be for the currency in question? How will your platform provide a value to the asset?

    Your website is confusing. 

    • What is with that bottom row of scrolling what I can only assume are companies? What are they there for?
    • Why are none of them clickable? 
    • You have buttons linking people to the App store and android store, but both links also do nothing

  • @lewlowned Like I said things are just starting mate. The website that is in place is just the draft, full release will be some time this week. There are regulations put in place that might make it more difficult to create a betting site with crypto-currency but we are evaluating all options. 

  • @oasis I just do not understand this project at all