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    We are proud to welcome Masternode.Buzz to the ever growing Masternode space and to the BetweenBlocks forum with a dedicated category. 

    Masternode.Buzz is the leading real-time news source for the masternode sector of cryptocurrency. In this forum you will find the latest news regarding masternodes, with a direct link to the news source at Masternode.Buzz should you want more details. All discussion about these news are most welcome! If you have any question of feedback, don't hesitate to tag @TomDumoni who is the man behind the concept and makes everything happen over there. (Congratz @TomDumoni on the great launch!)

  • This looks like an awesome site. Great work and thank you from the community.

  • Hear Hear! For some reason I like the article art style. It's got a painterly onceover look to it, but with a semisaturated palette that makes it feel like a tasteful take on deep fried memes.

    Masternodes also need more serious journalism, so thanks for that too. There are far too many ROI-runners out there calling themselves investors. As crypto progresses into mainstream, asset-producing cryptocurrencies in general need to a more formal and trustworthy platform to disseminate details.