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  • Hi All,

    As the title would suggest, I am looking for any long or short term views on ULTRA as an investment. Seen some 'interesting' comments from the dev on the discord channel so wondered what this community had to say.



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    Hi @Kirky591 ! I am personnally a bit out of touch these days with the sheer number of MNs out there. I have not reviewed that one, but hopefully someone in this room will have some opinion to share. 

    What did you find interesting about it yourself?

  • Thanks @kelnel  When i say 'interesting' a more appropriate word would probably be controversial comments from the dev

    I am trying my best to not get sucked in by the current 980% ROI. . On one hand the coin seems to have a decent number of active masternodes ~1800. They don't seem to have too many issues with their blockchain and they have an active enough discord community.

    On the other hand the price has dropped so significantly over the last few months; a masternode used to cost around $2,500-$3,000 and it now costs around $170, which a far more significant drop than the general market cap. The number of masternodes is decent but that may be due to the small collateral requirements (granted it looks like this is something they are addressing in an upcoming release). I am also not too sure what the coins USP is over the other coins doing a similar thing. Also, from what I see the developer can be very dismissive to investors views, not caring if they dislike comments made and indifferent to whether the community remain invested in the project.

  • Hey @Kirky591! I haven't really done my research into Ultra in particular. The points you brought up are interesting and I feel like are really valid concerns to have. Especially if the dev lacks communication and transparency with investors. Pure is a pretty good example of a coin, used to have high roi, a dev with a serious lack of communication, and a community that is getting tired of all the shenanigans, of what can happen to a coin with those problems.

    • I feel that since a lot of coins in the MN space right now are geared towards having a very supportive and engaged community, and if the team doesn't foster a good environment, it is hard to have the asset take off as you may expect.
    • I will also throw out a warning, because I got absolutely WRECKED on a trade that was mostly ROI based. I kept coming up with excuses like "the communication is fine when they communicate" and "Even if it drops 50% I'll still be making enough money, and I can just sell out." Well let me tell you... That shit can die a hell of a lot faster than you expect. 
    • I would say that you want to look do some research into the Coin economics, and see how the distribution breaks down. 980% roi with ~1800 nodes seems really high to me, and could potentially be some hyper inflation happening which is never good. You mention them maybe changing the collateral requirements for MNs, would be worth seeing what they are doing to change some of the distribution model. 

    I think you mentioning not really being able to find a USP is the biggest thing. In this market, right now you NEED to have something to lean on beyond ROI, because we are so vulnerable to what the big boy is doing, you want to make sure you at least have solid fundamentals. Sorry for no specific Ultra info!

  • Here is my input on UltraNatum (Ultra). Yes there was some controversy several days ago where some (very few) got upset with a comment one of the developers made, that was clearly meant to be a joke. It seemed more to me that there were just a few people who might have been looking for a problem. You can't please everyone 100% of the time. Ultra has a large community, and obviously a large backing, as there are over 1800 nodes online currently.
    In my experiences in crypto I have seen several developers who were non-responsive, non-cooperative and just down right oblivious to the communities request. This is not the case with the Ultra dev team. They are constantly responding to questions, providing information and engaging with the community on a daily bases. I think this is hard to find, as they are getting more than likely 500 messages a day asking questions
    and demanding whatever it is they think they want at the time, which seems to change on a whim. I know this was a long response. To summarize I think the dev team and community of Ultra are top notch and know what they are doing (at least the devs). I hope this was helpful to some of you.

  • @rew thanks for the feedback

    I think what I find odd about the situation a few days ago were not the comments themselves (everybody makes mistakes and obviously jokes can easily be misunderstood in the form of text). What I found so odd was the response by the developer to the few who were upset by the comments made.

    Instead of apologising for upset caused and taking any accountability, the response could have been interpreted at worst as aggressive and at best unprofessional. Extract below 

    ‘@everyone  Dear weirdos of Ultra channel

    IF mentioning body parts of HOMO SAPIENS is some form of problem for you can just ban yourself  

    So as  Ultra Dev my responsibility is to ALIENATE weirdos Psychos rapists and all  kind of pervert people  so we can live in peace

    @everyone  another almost non related update

    1. who ever has no sense of humor get piss off i dont care
    2. if you think we are not serious you forgot that we have 0 problems with chains or delays or anything alike, guide works script everything.

    3. if you think its just 1 text edit and 2 clicks   to create a new wallet and  think-predict our massive numbers of masternodes that are online  also the new block rework on a chain that moves and later to prepare the ground for smooth swap ANNNNNNDDDDDD   TEST everything be sure it works then on correct time to  Update everything in order to avoid any chain problems <<<<  then you are a moron.

    1a. We dont care if you have coins  I also have coins and other people
    1.b Demands to your father
    1c.   People (the normal one) like what we have here because WE DONT DUMP thats why we hold on very good  and stable price  and have massive masternode count online
    1. d  Dump your coins and move, we will continue to have fun while working on it
    1. e  there were no delays you moron, its called coding->testing->fixing-compile-test-fix-test-compile-test THEn we get +1k nodes so- adjustment->compile-test-fix-test

    and lastly you are just here to make some profit you dont care for much anything else so shut up  make your profit and piss off

    Ps good night
    PS 2. and Grow some BOOBS

    Personally, I’ve decided not to invest but I hope it all works out for those who have

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