Sub $100 Masternodes - pull the plug?

  • You bought into a great sounding project.  Devs motivated.  Discord buzzing.  Eventually bids get hit and Devs are quiet.  No updates.  Node is now worth less than $100.  When do you pull the plug?  With CTF I did that but I only deleted the VPS and kept the coins.  There's no POS so I can close the wallet.  At this point it's a high-flier (no pun intended).  

    What about you?  Which ones have you hit the bid / pulled the plug on?  Did you only delete the VPS or sold everything?

  • Yep loads of people did that in the early days of Bitcoin. "Hey doesn't seem like BTC is going above $10, I'm cashing in right now".  As with all things Crypto (for now) it is a crapshoot and there are a number of low cost coins that while not showing great improvement (especially in the current market) that do have a solid base and have the potential to go up. If you have the coin and selling is not going to make much difference to your financials then and you have  a known history with the coin then IMHO its worth hanging on to. I often equate it to a Starbucks or McDonalds, even a beer or two. Is the cost prohibitive of keeping an MN going - depends on your own mileage of course but if its not and you feel right about the coin, keep it.

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    Ha I dont know why I missed this thread the forst time around. It is an interesting question. 

    If the coin "dies" and you happen to still hold it at that time, I think the best way to go is just to keep it. Maybe stop the VPN if you worry about VPS costs. But keep the coins. dont sell them for a couple dollars. The project might be picked up later on by a new dev team, or a community takeover, or it could get forked and you get free coins from another chain.

  • I guess one detail is does the MN rewards cover the VPS cost?  There may be opportunity if you have a decent vibe/beat that the coin has the legs/commitment to recover.  While others may be taking their nodes down thinking the same, you potentially could have an opportunity the come out even further ahead.

    I agree with @kelnel what's the point of selling for McDonald's Dollar Menu prices.

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    @flong yea, you can stop your node and stop paying for the VPS if you worry about that. Just keep the coins imo

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