Selling your rewards

  • How are you selling your rewards?  Hopefully you're not hitting the bids all the time on your smaller projects that are trying to get off the ground.  Nodes that have decent volume and tighter spreads, no problem, but if your spreads are wide and volume low then STOP HITTING BIDS!  Put your SELLS out at the offer or even higher.  Unless you don't care about your Node value then disregard this PSA 😛

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    @grinmoure Im pretty much never dumping my stakes on the order book. Especially these days when everything is so low. I'm actually holding all my stakes these days, waiting for better days.

  • My wife and I worked out a formula, that once we get to a point where all my nodes combined earn me enough payouts in a month, to get another masternode, that is when we start redeeming. I.E. 50% redemption, 50% reinvestment. For the higher valued nodes, 90% reinvestment, 10% redemption. 

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