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    Venox Coin is a coin project that has new features that appeal to many people with in the wide spectrum of cryptocurrency. For example: instantaneous PoS masternode transaction speed, Privacy, and Mobile staking development, and first introduction of an encrypted reference line within transaction. After a coin named ENOX has developed into a scam coin, within that community they found some professional people who have taken this opportunity in to their own hands. This group of professionals had already been in the works of developing a new coin, all of which had invested into enox. When enox turned in to a exit scam they decided to take this as an opportunity to implement and merge their new coin features with the ideologies that enox represted.


    The World’s First Crypto-currency to introduce Mobile PoS and Encrypted Reference Line

    Featuring ZeRoCoin protocol privacy features

    Instantaneous transaction speed

    Dedicated highly skilled core team

    First wave: 100k VNX July 2018

    Second wave: 100k (+remaining balance of coin swap from unclaimed coins) 4th Quarter


    First 100,000 blocks are 50/50 rewards

    After that point, rewards set at 65/35

    Coin details

    Coin name: Venox

    Ticker: VNX

    Premine: 1,240,000

    Max supply: Infinite

    Algo: Quark

    Block Time: 60 Seconds

    Difficulty Re-targeting: Every Block

    Master node collateral: 10,000 VNX

    Masternode guide & Wallets



    Thank you for all who have joined us. To all our fellow Enox hodlers, we commend you.

    The ride so far has been rough, but rest assured, now there is hope. To victims of cryptocurrency scams and fraud, may Venox [VNX] be your safe haven.


    Venox came to life the day the developers of Enox abandoned their community and left their supporters stranded.

    Within this community, a unlikely group of highly skilled individuals came together.  We loved the ideologies that Enox represented, and we wanted to make those concepts a reality.

    So we decided to take the community over and give all Enox holders 1:1 swap for Venox [VNX]

    Venox has successfully forked the Enox coin [PIVX based] with a 1:1

    manual swap for Enox holders and will proceed with the ideologies that Enox initially represented, while adding the development of some amazing features like the

    encrypted reference line and real mobile staking. All that suffered by the hands of the Enox developers will be rewarded and reunited once again. 

    Please thank the skilled members of Venox team for putting this entire project together in record breaking time!

    Venox [VNX] coin was officially launched on June 10, 2018 and is considered a community coin.

    This means that anyone within the community can contribute to the project. Although there is a team behind the scenes working tirelessly to build and promote Venox [VNX],

    the currency is not owned by any single individual but instead is owned by the community and coin holders. As a result, all community members can contribute towards the Venox’s mission and goals.

    If you haven’t sent in your request to swap Enox > Venox please click here


    We have a special targeting mission for airdrops.  Our goal is to Airdrop to ANYONE who has got scammed recently by any coin. 

    Please contact us on discord if you have recently been scammed and we may select your community for the airdrops. 

    [2 Waves of Airdrops]

    Premine Distribution

    Total Pre-mine: 1.24 million

    ~500k for Enox victims 1:1 swap (unclaimed coins will be burned or airdrop pending community vote)

    200k for 2 waves of airdrops

    100k bounties

    200k coins for pre-sale

    124k split among 6 core developers

    100k core team wallet for development and marketing

    Pre-sale Pricing chart

    10,000 coins masternode --- .2 btc

    5,000 coins ------------------- .11 btc

    2,500 coins ------------------- .065 btc

    1,000 coins ------------------- .028 btc

    500 coins --------------------- .015 btc

    Please join our discord to purchase Coins and Masternodes only 18 MN LEFT!

    Venox Project Donations

    Help contribute to the community by donating Venox to any of the following funds you would like to donate to

    BTC address: 17PPFZPDx6acXPCP33acHLBGM1ZKAPs7f4

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