A group for newbies

  • Hi all
    Just wanting to share a group that I set up on discord. The main aim of the group is to try and help people get involved in crypto and plrovide all the necessary tools needed.

    The group is young so bare with me, while I try and iron out any problems.

    I want to be honest in the group and I don't want people to make the same mistakes I did.

    Again its for newbies to get to grips with everything and somwhere to ask those simple questions that everyone has.

    Hope you can join and we can reach our goals together


  • Hey cryptowayne! Awesome that you're setting this up and helping the wider community grow and be better prepared for the crazy world they are about to embark up. Good luck!

  • Hello,

    As I posted in your group, I wrote "Masternode 101 - A guide for beginners" : https://goo.gl/tnjjjJ

    Newcomers will find a lot of useful informations inside.
    If you want more content, let me know.

  • I wish there was a way to "hide" certain channels in Discord. I know I can mute them, but can't hide them. Otherwise, I would have gladly joined as I am all ready in too many channels.