Opinions on Trittium?

  • I have just come across this coin (TRTT). They are focused on blockchain-based secured loans, which seems like an interesting concept. Does anybody know much about the project or even invested?

    I might not fully understand the concept but it looks like you would use the TRTT as collateral to secure a loan (USD, GBP, EUR) but I guess I am confused as to where the fiat would be funded from.

  • I think it's still in its infancy stages. There are other projects who are doing the same thing, like SALT. They don't have nodes though. I guess wait for a dip then buy in.

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    I had a look at Trittium and liked what I saw. Im giving it a try.

  • @kelnel yea i had a good chat with Trittium Core on discord, cleared up all my confusion. I really like the concept.

  • I actually set up my first Trittium MN the other day, and I'm very optimistic about the project as a whole. Not only have they released beta versions of the platform as they develop it, but the support they offer on Discord for things like MN setup issues is phenomenal. Out of all the MN projects I've invested in, I think Trittium has the best support from devs and mods. Furthermore, the concept is quite interesting and actually serves a purpose, unlike the majority of the projects out there which sole purpose is to mine/stake/set up nodes for coin distribution. I always like to find projects where coin distribution compliments the project, rather than it being the sole purpose.

    A TRTT node will cost you a bit more than the cheaper nodes to start up, but its well worth it IMO. They're very transparent about what they're using their funds for, and the price of TRTT has remained stable despite the drop in price of BTC. Not to mention the ROI is up there for running a MN. Development is very active on the project, which gives much better chances of success compared to other projects which haven't released anything new since their first announcement. The Discord channel is also quite active from both sides, and the number of members grow daily. If you've got the funds to invest in this project, I would recommend it. The sooner you get in on it, the more you'll profit from coin distribution as well as price increases during the growth of the platform. I'm definitely happy that I invested in this one 🙂

    If you're still on the fence about it, come visit the Discord channel: https://discord.gg/gCazhVs - I think you'll find that the project and community is quite alive and growing especially when you compare it to other projects out there.

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