PURE- what the hell is going on?

  • If you go on mn.o and try to find a slack link or  a discord channel nothing... it shows not aviable. 

    On Coinexchange it shows a Coinswap, in CB, nothing. 

    what the hell is going on?

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    Probably a coinswap as CE clearly states.

    MNO has received no updates from PURE on the swap or to update any community links...

  • Pure will make a swap at 3rd July on CE.

    Here is link to discord  https://discord.gg/x6WQeU

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  • It looks like PURE (to be PUREX) is finalizing the swap through CoinExchange. The wallets seem to be still under maintenance but CE admins are still working on it. I think network activity will bounce back once swap is officially complete.

  • In the very anger mood you have asked to someone about the happening and going to do on the channels of the tubes. I get angry on the matter when no one require me dissertations services on the last moments and very chronic time of the help.

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