- A research platform for all reward and dividend paying digital assets

  • More and more cryptocurrencies are using a staking or masternode algorithm. Additionally there are already some coins, which aim to act as dividend paying securities or profit shares. 

    On we have created a list with many of those digital assets. 

    We are glad to announce the Website on BetweenBlocks and hope we may receive some valuable feedback here.

    The Site is in active development and we aim to provide a most valueable experience for everyone interested in Cryptocurrencies.

    Until now we have around 50 coins added. They are ranked based on our unique Scoring System, which considers the personal rating of "Complexity to stake", "Risk Factor" and "Reward Factor" (more on how we determine the rating, please hover the rating on the website).

    A filtering option may show only PoS, Masternode or Others. With another option "Launching Soon" we list coins, where staking or rewards are not yet enabled on the mainnet.

    Each Coin got a single page with many information and links as well as a reward calculator, where you can estimate your rewards based on your personal holdings. Also we do link to Staking Tutorials and other useful pages. 

    For the future, we will definitely add more coins, information and features on the site.

    Any questions, ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated 🙂




  • My place of work has blocked this website. Ha. I'll have to see it when I get home. Or perhaps you have another domain?

  • @soldatchristi Unfortunately we do only have one domain at the moment. Do they tell the reason why it is blocked? and is only our page, or do you have the same problem with other crypto related pages? 

  • I was able to access the page! Nice site. I see the form to request a new command to be added is straightforward.  Is it really that simple? Also, is there a few to get listed?

  • @flong Thanks for the feedback! To request a new feature or a new coin to be listed on the page, you can just fill out the form. Anyway we will have to do our research on it and it is always good to give us your email, so we could get in touch with you regarding 🙂

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