[ANN] PHASE [ANN] - Masternodes, PoW, new TRIhash algo, Ongoing development

  • PHASE is a community masternode coin, based on a new algoritm named TRIhash which is currently still in beta.

    We will soon be forking from the old protoncoin chain using this new algoritm. The fork height will be at 90.000 blocks. Everyone will be able to download the new wallet and miner beforehand on the new upcoming website.

    Due to the fork, old masternodes of 5k proton won't be accepted by the network anymore and will cease to receive payments. Until then, they will continue working as usual.

    PHASE will become a 3-level tiered masternode coin which can be used for fast and anonymous payments. The new algoritm will provide fair mining and is ASIC resistant.

    First level:

    Collateral of 10.000PHASE

    Will have the known reward of 42,5PHASE.

    Second level:

    Collateral of 20.000PHASE

    Which will give you 2.2 times more chances of being rewarded with 42,5PHASE when a block is mined.

    Third level:

    Collateral of 30.000PHASE

    Which will give you 3.6 times more chances of getting rewarded when a block is mined.

    Coin specs:

    - fork height: 90.000blocks on proton blockchain

    - algo: TRIhash

    - block starting reward 50PHASE

    - reward reduction: 30% every 90.000 blocks

    - masternode reward 85%

    - Max supply: 22,5 millions.

    - block time: 180seconds

    - masternode reward 85%

    - 10% founders reward from each block for development and marketing,

    so there is no big premine and no selling of masternodes beforehand.


    Q3 2018

    - Fork to new algo

    - New website, logo,...

    - New wallets

    - Miner


    - Marketing campaign

    - Ability to pay with PHASE on masternode platform

    - New wallet interface

    Q1-Q2 2019

    - DEX platform

    And much more!

    A lot of work still needs to be done but we are here to help you and answer any questions you might have. If you are interested in helping out you can join our discord or telegram.

    Interested in knowing more or helping? Join our discord community ! >>


    Or join our telegram group here >>


    Announcements and updates can be followed on discord or telegram here >>


    Thanks for reading

    PHASE team

  • administrators

    @phase-zone Hi! Welcome!

    It is refreshing to see a fair launch, so thank you! I'll have a look at your project.

    (I am moving your ANN thread over to Altcoin category)

  • @phase-zone Keep up the good work team! Great to see a transparent and honest community ūüôā

  • @phase-zone Great project and great team and community!¬†¬†ūüėÉ

  • Hello there,

    the last Announcement in discord:

    @everyone  The new wallet will be released soon, the tiered mn will be activated at block 85000,you will have until block 90000 to install the new wallet and adjust the collareral to the 10k,20k or 30k mn.From that block,the 5k mn will be dropped by the network.The new algo will kick in around mid-july. feel free to contact us if there is any questions.Follow the announcements.thank you everyone for your support.

    Please join us if you didn t already:


  • Hello there,

    we are testing the new wallet right now before release,

    a preview here


    Please join us to our discord if you didn t already

    Thank you

    Discord: https://discord.gg/EKPZcJA

    PHASE Team

  • Hello there

    The new wallet is ready to be downloaded from here

    Install instructions:
     Find the ProtonCore in your pc, it should be in C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming
    1/ backup your wallet.dat and backups folder in ProtonCore folder
    then exit wallet if it is running
    2/rename ProtonCore to PhaseCore
    3/rename proton.conf to phase.conf
    then run the new wallet
    if incorrect genesis error is popup
    delete everything except wallet.dat and phase.conf and masternode.conf 
    edit phase.conf
    and add:
    then start up the wallet again

    stop daemon before doing the wallet change
    -same process as windows ,the protoncore is located in root

    Feel free to ask any questions


    The tiered MN will be activated at block 85k and at block 86k the old wallet will be disconnected. When we reach block 90k, the founders rewards will quick in and the old MN will get dropped of the network. Lastly, at block 100k the block reward will be reduced by 30% which will happen every 90k blocks.

    You still have plenty of time to do this smoothly

    Discord : https://discord.gg/EKPZcJA

    PHASE Team

  • Hello there

    @everyone Please update your wallet in your PC and as aswell as in your VPS as we have released a new version to solve crashing issues,please updated them as soon as possible https://github.com/phaseproject/phase/releases

    Discord : https://discord.gg/EKPZcJA

    PHASE Team

  • Hello there

    @everyone this is one of the method to update the wallet in your vps,

    loging into your vps 
    1/stop the proton daemon:
    ~/proton/proton-cli stop
    2/come to the root
    cd /root
    a/Download installing script file
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/phaseproject/phase_sentinel/master/phasecoin_mn.sh
    b/Make the script executable
    chmod 740 phasecoin_mn.sh
    c/Run the script to install

    3/after the install script is finished, you ll have to copy and paste the new masternode genkey generated by the script in your masternode.conf line in your pc s wallet.Save and restart your pc s wallet
    4/start your mn from the wallet
    5/check in your vps if the masternode has started

    a/ cd phase
    b/ ./phase-cli masternode status

    if you have a message saying your masternode has successfully started ,you are all set

    if any issues ,contact the @Team

    Please join us at the 

    Discord : https://discord.gg/EKPZcJA

    If you didn t done it yet

    PHASE Team

  • Where do you see your coin in about 6 months?

  • @soldatchristi

    We are working hard to achieve the goal we ve fixed for it.The rest depends lot on the community,the market,etc

    By the way,we just past 84k block and we are near to have the tiered Masternode kick in soon,please update your wallet and

     join us at our discord : https://discord.gg/EKPZcJA

    if you didn t done it yet

    PHASE Team

  • Hello there

    Just a quick update, we are at block 84400 ,the tiered MN will kick in at block 85k and your PROTON wallet will be disconnected from the network,
    So please update it as soon as possible

    For instructions,please join us at our 

    Discord : https://discord.gg/EKPZcJA

    If you didnt already

    Thank you

    PHASE Team

  • Hello there

    @everyone  We just passed block 85000 .Time to update your collateral ,wallet ,and vps we are here to help if anyone needs

    thank you

    PHASE Team

  • Hello there,

    To avoid loosing your rewards, you have to UPDATE NOW your PROTON WALLET to PHASE.

    Please do it as soon as possible

    Thank you

    PHASE Team

  • Hello there

    @everyone  at block 86k, your proton wallet will get disconnected from the network, it s time to update to PHASE  NOW

    It s NOW time to update the wallet if you didn t done it already

    Join us at our discord if you need help for that

    Thank you for your support

    PHASE Team

  • Hello there

    @everyone  We ll need to make a new binary as the gpu miner for the new algo is not ready  for production yet so you ll have to update it asap when we ll upload it.The new date of the swicth will be 1st of august 2018.The main reason is we need more testing internally to ensure smooth transition.

    @everyone  Some technical details about the new algo https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/428682208316751883/466341724076113921/TriHash_Algorithm.pdf

    Thank you for your support

    PHASE Team

  • Hello there

    @everyone we have registered PHASE to  mnode.club  https://mnode.club/g/coinvote .We need your vote there,please participate to allow PHASE be registered there.

    Thank you for your support

    PHASE Team

  • Hello there

    @everyone https://github.com/phaseproject/phase/releases/tag/  As explained yesterday,please download the new MANDATORY wallet and replace it in your pc as well as in your masternode.It  should be done as soon as possible and before the 15th of july

    We are available at the discord to help if needed

    PHASE Team

  • @everyone

     Hello there.

     With the recent wallet change CB are unwilling to update their systems at this time without charging us a considerable sum of BTC for which their are no funds available to the team to pay for such things YET.
     Accordingly as of the 15th July the CB PROTON ticker will need to be suspended (no deposits/no withdrawals) which is likely to be for a few weeks.
     We recommend you withdraw your PHASE/PROTON coins from your CB accounts to your local wallets OR to Graviex before this date, this way you can be assured your coin will not be locked up in CB.

     Thanks for your understanding. 

    PHASE Team

  • Hello there

    In the meantime @everyone  we need your vote,we are #6 in it Please vote to make it #1 



    So Please vote to get PHASE listed there

    Thank you for your support

    PHASE Team

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