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  • Node Lab | POW/Masternodes | Algo: X16S | Bounty

    Welcome everyone!

    We want to present you the project, that will be interesting for all cryptolovers. It targets the B2B and B2C sectors. We are developing a service for automatic listing of masternodes. These services have long been needed by all the crypto community, because the launch of the masternode is a process that is not clear to all users and investors. Moreover, for each currency, the set of actions  to start the masternode is always different. But our project is not only about listing. Our project is about masternode in general. Our tokens will be used to list MN in our service, as well as to pay for other services. Accordingly, they will always be in demand, so their price will be more or less stable.

    We have a lot of ideas and tasks that we need to solve in order to expand the range of usual services related to the masternode. More information can be found on our website, white paper and road map. We will constantly set new goals and update both the announcement and other resources. Be sure to ask questions, if something is not clear, we are happy to answer them and it will help us to better convey information about our project.

    Project start - 04.07.2018 at 20:00 UTC


    Discord channel - Node Lab discord

    Website: Node Lab website

    Whitepaper: Node Lab whitepaper

    Road Map: Node Lab Road Map


    Linux Wallet: In progress

    Windows Wallet: In progress

    Mac Wallet: In progress


    NVIDIA - https://github.com/brian112358/nevermore-miner-x16s/releases/

    AMD - https://github.com/brian112358/sgminer-x16r/releases/


    Graviex - listing immediately after the start

    Our bounty programs:

    Full translation with images - 25 NLAB


    ADV at youtube channel with 1000+ subs - 75 NLAB

    ADV at youtube channel with 500+ subs - 45 NLAB


    ADV in discord channels with 1000+ subs - 75 NLAB

    ADV in discord channels with 500+ subs - 45 NLAB


    ADV in Telegram channel with 1000+ subs - 75 NLAB

    ADV in Telegram channel with 1000+ subs - 45 NLAB

    Invite company:

    10-20 - 20 NLAB

    20-30 - 30 NLAB

    30-50 - 50 NLAB

    50 - X - 75 NLAB

    Info resources (sites, blogs, etc.) - DM  core ream about adv.

    Block Explorer -  (we need 3 of those)





    Thank you for staying with us!

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