✅ Lancerbit ✅ Masternode & POS | E-commerce Platform Project CRYPTOBRIDGE READY

  • Mainnet  publishing.

    LancerBit has been chosen POS/Masternode technology which is the most powerful blockchain technology of our day. It gives a transaction confirmation in 60 seconds.

    Technical Information 

    Maximum Money Supply
    65,200,400 LNB
    Masternode Collateral Amount
    5.000 LNB
    Rewards per Block
    50 LNB, reducing every year
    Block time
    60 seconds
    Blocks per day






    ########## LancerBit Mining Structure ##########

    LancerBit is not like other classic POW coins. Because of LNB block structure, blocks are never stuck. It always has a stable transaction.

    Most of digital currency have slow transfer rates and high transfer rates. But LancerBit offers instant and fully anonymous transfers; It gives us a real money instead of a simple value.

    POS & Masternode Structure

    * Masternode

    LancerBit is based on POS & Masternode mining. Masternode owners are entitled to 80% of the block award per block which are they find.

    * POS Bet
    You can help to network stablity with keep some LNB in your wallet and earn 20% of the block prize per block they find.

    Development Process

    ########## LancerBit E-commerce Platform ##########

    LancerBit is launching a new era in the world of cryptography with eCommerce solutions.

    When you want to have a website or get any internet services on the Internet, you have to make the payment via methods like Paypal, etc. But now Lancerbit will help you about secure payment! You offer work and price for your needs and then a devoloper accepts your proposal and all process starts to be tracked by the Lancerbit platform. Once the developer delivers the work, you confirm the payment and it is added to his account automatically. Moreover, you will enjoy the %100 secure trade both in the sales and purchase sides. 

    LancerBit Future Plan

    Q3 2018
    Lancerbit e-commerce platform.

    Q4 2018
    Web Wallet Preparation
    Join to Cryptopia Exchange
    Join to Bittrex Exchange
    Mobile Wallet Design

    Q1 2019
    Lancerbit Promotion Fair

    Q4 2019 (Long Term Plans)
    Hardware Wallets
    Worldwide Valid Digital Payment Card (Visa or MasterCard Agreement)

    Start doing something good with Lancerbit to leave a mark on you in the future.



    First 4 Translate: 30 LNB


    251+ invites : 400 LNB 
    150+ invites : 200 LNB 
    99-50+ invites : 50 LNB 

    bot members are not awarded.

  • Looks like a nice project. It seems to be successful when the e-commerce platform is active.

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