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    Latest version 3.7.0

    • The Force Network (FN) aims to be a fully anonymous, scalable, and flexible set of protocols that offers an unprecedented level of censorship-resistant access to data and network services. The Force team will develop the underlying utility token called Force (FOR), the distribution network infrastructure, and the system that will allow anyone to host a web service (a "netnode") to provide an ever-expanding list of different network protocols. Independent developers will be able to build additional underlying protocols on the Force Network (such as IPFS, DVPNs, E-Mail/IMAP, and other pre-defined network protocols), which netnodes can then choose to host in exchange for payment.This system incentivizes and enables limitless access to different types of information available on the internet. After successfully connecting to The Force Network, connecting to the applicable service netnodes will feel the same as connecting to a physical local area network (LAN). At a later stage, The Force Network will include an easy-to-use decentralized VPN gateway solution to allow users to access the regular internet content in a private and secure way. The Force Network will empower people around the world to access information and secure networks even under the most oppressive regimes, allowing information to exist free from removal and unauthorized manipulation.

    ~  F.A.Q ~

    • What is the Force Network? The Force Network aims to be a fully anonymous, scalable, and flexible set of protocols that offers an unprecedented level of censorship-resistant access to data and network services, complete anonymity for users of the network as well as hosts (nodes).
    • What problems is the Force Network is solving? The Force Network solves multiple important problems that both centralized networks and standard web protocols have.   Some key features: 1. Decentralized Internet: The Force Network decentralizes the internet. Anyone can choose to host any network protocol service and get paid for doing so. Currently a majority of the web is hosted by a handful of companies while countless computers worldwide sit idle and largely unused. We seek to change this. 2. Unprecedented Anonymity and Censorship-resistance: Censorship to information is a serious issue in many parts of the world and is only getting worse. Governments and ISPs have freedom to block any content they choose.  Standard web protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, etc.) provide no anonymity for users nor hosts. Other "decentralized internet" projects we have come across do not provide anonymity for hosts. The Force Networksolves this for all parties through being a fully private network, where even the IPs of the host and user are obscured to ensure complete and total anonymity. ISPs will have no access to user data and behavior, and no access to IPs which prevent them from from censoring.
    • What makes the Force network different? The Force Network is more than a way to browse the “decentralized web”. It is a fully customizable, decentralized network of specialized nodes. These nodes will be available to rent on an open marketplace, where each node owner has the choice to decide what protocol(s) their node should support (including developing their own connectivity or routing protocols). Our primary focus is privacy and resilience to censorship. We believe humans have a fundamental right to information, and with the Force Networkwe are trying to ensure that right cannot be infringed upon. We envision the Force Network will protect and enable access to all data and services possible with the internet, even under the most oppressive of situations. Here is a short list of features that we feel highlight our differences: • Currently, Force Network is a masternode privacy currency with several pending upgrades. • The Force Network is a fully private network, where even the IPs of the host and consumer are obscured to ensure complete and total anonymity. • The Force Network minimizes latency through intelligent location-aware routing algorithms that choose hop nodes nearest to the customer. • Not restricted to HTTP or HTTPS only, the Force Network has limitless network protocols supported on the Force Network.
    • Will there be an ICO? No. Force was initially a community take over and has grown into an ambitious project, the Force Network is run by a growing and experienced team.
    • How many people are working on the project? TBA soon with an updated website and details on the team.
    • What are the technical advantages of the Force Network? 1. Unprecedented security & privacy options. 2. Fully Censorship-resistant, with IP addresses hidden for hosts/nodes and users. 3. Endlessly scalable. 4. Extremely flexible. 5. Intelligent incentive system for node operators. 6. Open source.
    • How to setup a Force Supernode? Github Wiki Tutorial | PDF Tutorial download Please note that these setup informations are subject to change because of future code updates. 
    • Where can I buy Force (FOR)? Exchanges Cryptobridge | StockExchange
    • Specifications:
      • Name: Force
      • Symbol: FOR
      • Maximum total supply: 200,000,000 FOR
      • Consensus algorithm: PoS
      • Block time: 45 seconds
      • Supernode collateral: 500,000 FOR
      • Netnode collateral: coming soon
    • Distribution:
      • block 155k: PoS: 200 (30% staker (60) / 55% masternode (110) / 15% team (30) )
      • block 175k: PoS: 160 (30% staker (48) / 60% masternode (96) / 10% team (16) )
      • block 200k: PoS: 100 (25% staker (25) / 65% masternode (65) / 10% team (10) )
      • from block 200k: 12.5% halving (exponential, so 90%, 81%, 72.9%...) every 100k blocks

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    Haaa! Nice! I'm thrilled that you decided to start an ANN here. I like what FOR is doing. It's a project that has been on my radar for quite a while now. Lots of good things happening with FOR. It's definitely not another copy/pasta MN currency.

    Welcome to BetweenBlocks!

  • @kelnel 

    thank you very much for this sweet welcoming!

    We were waiting a bit to have more news incoming to place our ANN here but we should definitely have done it sooner.
    BetweenBlock is the reference forum for masternode blockchain projects!

  • Force Network is now officially registered in Malta, the Blockchain Island!

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