🔥 [ANN]Corium [MLDN]🌟Dividend payment platform, PoW+MN/PoS, bounties ✅

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    How to participate in Corium? Forget about endless problems of purchasing from hand to hand and all this trading without escrow in Discord. All you need to do is to purchase MLDN on our website using over than 20+ cryptocurrencies via coinpayments.net or click the button below! buynow-grey.png&t=590&c=b4PawimmruQ2ng

    Don't forget to add your MLDN address to the comment section of payment form!

    You can also participate in our dividend payment platform (which is now in alpha state) by buying 5000 MLDN via https://discord.gg/kETQvgsl for special price. Dividends are being paid every hour and it don't require you to do anything more! Each alpha-tester of dividend payment service will receive a role in Discord and will be able to participate in development of Corium project!

    Exchanges: Coming soon!

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    Bounties We have invite bounty in our Discord Full masternode reward for 1000 invites and more. Bounty will end 22 of July at 15.00 UTC Top-10 inviters will be rewarded generously, 100/90/80/70/60/50/40/30/20/10 MLDN There is also a translation bounty, check the list of needed translations below. Each translation will be rewarded in 30 MLDN Also there is a bounty for entry in Discord. First 100 members of Discord will receive 2 MLDN each! If you have any suggestions feel free to tell us about them!


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    Guide for setting up a masternode with autoscript for Ubuntu
    Masternode collateral is now 1000 MLDN  

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