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    In the near future, the marketing campaign and connection of gambling services to the AzartPay platform will begin!


    Azart is a decentralized network using PoW and Masternodes. The AzartPay platform considered as a payment system for various gambling and other services.

    One of the goals of Azart cryptocurrency is providing instant, anonymous and secure payments for users of online casinos, lotteries, betting, poker rooms and other services. Decentralized platform AzartPay will become a popular payment system for many gambling and other services. The interest to the implementation of the platform will be based on the possibility of obtaining additional income, as well as financing of future projects.



    AzartPay platform is a merchant-service with an open API for connecting payments in Azart cryptocurrency.

    Special motivation system has been developed for partner services. At this system coins will be accumulated from the work of masternodes installed for this system. Collected funds will be distributed among partners depending on their activity at the end of each period. The more partner accepts payments in Azart's cryptocurrency for a certain period, the greater profit will be received.

    Regardless of whether you are a partner of the platform or an ordinary crypto investor, everybody will have the opportunity to receive revenue using the AzartPay platform. To have revenue you need to buy necessary number of coins and setup the masternode. In addition, owners of the masternodes will have possibility to put their projects to the vote for their subsequent financing. For more information, read the whitepaper.


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