• SCHAIN - A Healthy Environment Blockchain

    Net launch 21 Jul at 00:00

    About Schain

    Schain is a block chain based on machine learning / AI dapps focused on the first step in social things, environment, medical and electric sector.

    Our focus is a massive institutional adoption using our dapps with some functions like pay bills on our currency, get rewards on dapps for doing some things. This rewards will be announced for each dapp we publish

    Coin info

    Website: https://www.schain.network/

    Explorer: https://explorer.schain.network/

    Source code: https://github.com/ZyX7/schain/

    Coin statistics: https://github.com/ZyX7/schain/blob/master/README.md

    Wallets: https://github.com/ZyX7/schain/releases

    Discord: https://discord.gg/TSTnEfV

    Contact: team@schain.network

    Masternode setup script: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ZyX7/schain-mn-install/master/install.sh

    VPS staking setup script: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ZyX7/schain-mn-install/master/StakingSetupVPS.sh

    Whitepaper: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/465525288336621578/466813785563332609/Whitepaper_release_v1.0.pdf

    Coin specs

    Block times: - 1 minute

    Maximum supply: 2,500,000 (2.5 million) SChain

    Consensus mechanism:  Proof-of-Stake (85% masternodes, 15% stakers)

    Algorithm: Quark-hash

    Masternode collateral: 1,000 SChain

    Featuresl: - SwiftTX, budget, treausury and masternode governance is enabled

    RPC Portl: - 10020

    P2P Portl: - 10021

    Block reward breakdown (Block height - Reward per block)

    Actually premine is done because POS blockchain need some coins to run at first step, blockchain its paused on block 200 to a clear start for investors until 21 Jul at 00:00 [Countdown in website]

    Block 0-200 Premine

    Block 201-30,000- 2.500 SCH

    Block 30,001-200,000 - 1.875 SCH

    Block 200,001-500,000 - 1.250 SCH

    Block 500,001-900,000 - 0.625 SCH

    Block 900,001-1,500,000 - 0.250 SCH

    Block 1,500,001-6,000,000 - 0.125 SCH


    18 of 20 Masternodes available

    Price : 0,25 BTC, contact ZyX7#4966 on our discord https://discord.gg/TSTnEfV


    Airdrop 1

    1000 SCHAIN will be distributed on a discord users after block 1000

    On block 1000 to 1002 we unlock airdrop channel in discord, u must put your schain addr to get airdrop

    Airdrop 2

    1000 SCHAIN will be distributed on a one masternode winner in block 3000

    Airdrop 3

    1000 SCHAIN will be distributed on a one masternode winner in block 6000

    Airdrop 4

    1000 SCHAIN will be distributed on a one masternode winner in block 9000


    Bounty 1

    Post this ANN translated to other language and send your SCHAIN addr, u will receive 25 SCHAIN. [Block 600 >]

    Bounty 2

    Share your own discord link, if u are in top 3 on block 3000 u will receive a rewards are here

    Top 1 : 250 SCHAIN Top 2 : 125 SCHAIN Top 3 : 75 SCHAIN


    What is SChain?

    Schain is a transactional security and privacy driven decentralized open source cryptocurrency. We are a experienced team on big data / blockchain who wants to focus development to boost a healthy environment in the world, this is the main reason why  Schain is a full POS cryptocurrency.

    Why premine?

    Premine is needed because the team expect this on early phase :

    Get listed on two exchanges on 2 first weeks after main net start, now we have 2 option:

    1 - Cryptobridge

    2 - Stocks.exchange and graviex

    Fund for a massive marketing campaign Hire more devs, possibility to expand our roadmap because this Airdrops, we will bounty holders who stay since 1st day on our main net

    How long until i get a staking reward?

    Staking reward rates are variable. They vary on the number of people actively staking at any given time and how much any given person is staking. To put this another way, staking is a lottery, with a winner chosen at random every 60 seconds, however, some users have more tickets than others.

    My wallet is stuck syncing. How can i fix this?

    There’s a few different things to try

    Try completely closing your wallet and restarting it

    Add this text to your “schain.conf” file found in your SCHAIN directory







    What about scammers?

    We hate this. Our team is experienced in blockchain and sometimes suffer this. Some members of SChain was a part of other blockchain projects with a big names. So scam is not possible on SChain cause we want make a SChain a big thing. By the way ZyX7 helps Northern Community to fix other communities scammed.

  • Hope you succeed. I'm a new investor. Convince me to buy your coin?

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