Masternode Token - Airdrop coming!

  •                                                    ❗Our Airdrop is coming soon❗

                             ✨Get a 'Masternode Token' masternode too with our $MAST Coins✨

                                                   💙 Welcome to Masternode Token! 💙 

    The bridge between the full power of masternodes & mass adoption 🌍 

    • One universal token to quickly buy/sell between masternodes of your choice
    • Our Masternodes are always running, so you earn immediately
    • We bring the Masternodes governance and voting to the users in the smartest & simplest way 

    Our aim is to connect the world to the power of Masternodes. We allow for the full potential of masternodes and decentralized governance/community driven blockchains, we allow the masses to participate in masternodes in the simplest way possible. Now everyone can own masternodes no matter their technical skills or budget.

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    We would love to connect with you! Reach out to us 💥