• Are people riding out the storm or jumping ship?

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    Why, what did I miss? what is going on? 

  • @kelnel from my understanding something like the below...

    - large holder had coins stolen and dumped in the market.

    - community reacted badly and also started dumping coins.

    - Partners of Frost saw this and pulled their association with them.

    - then even more dumping of coins!!!

    - Frost devs are now discussing what the new direction will be. 

    Price has taken a huge hit!

  • This one hurt! Seemed like the team was doing a good job and it just got torn down with a silly mistake. I'm hoping for a turnaround. Crypto needs positive momentum in general so it's in our best interest for more to succeed especially ones that are not scams to begin with.

  • @flong agreed! I am sticking with it, one positive you surely have to take away is that the devs have not cashed out and done a runner. In my mind that reassures me of their commitment to the project, hopefully their new direction can help the price recover a little

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