• launching date and time: 20 July 5-00PM UTC


       Zoon.market is a distributed unmoderated marketplace with its own mineable coin ZOON and built-in exchange for many altcoins, so everyone can pay with preferred liquid token.

    *we only provide decentralized, highly anonymous platform without a single control center. Users themselves are fully responsible for all their actions according to the laws of their country.

    Coin specifications


    Name:  ZOON (ticker - ZOON)

    Maximum supply:  20 million

    Algo:  Lyra2z (migration to MTP by the end of the year)

    Block time:  2 min

    Retargeting:  every block

    Reward:  3 ZOON per block 1-2000, after: 10 ZOON, MN get 70%, POW 30%

    Halving interval:  ~5 years (1300000 blocks)

    Privacy:  ZeroCoin protocol

    Masternode collateral: - 2000 ZOON

    Beginning of payments to masternodes:  block 2001 (~2.5 days after the start of the coin)

    Maturity:  90 blocks (~3 hours)

    Premine:  3% (600000 ZOON)

    What is the project about?

    This is a private, modern and developing coin ZOON, decentralized marketplace Zoon.market  where ZOON is the main currency. Plus, this is interaction with the exchange (http://SABEX.org) which will be built in marketplace so many altcoins can also be used for shopping.


    Why premine?

       ZOON will be used not only for self-promotion (which means bounties and airdrops) but also for Zoon.market app bounty campaigns. It will also be a friendly coin to the upcoming exchange SABEX for premium listing payment and will be used for marketing and bounties for this exchange.

       We also scheduled regular burnings of the premine (to attract attention and price support) and swaps/airdrops to Bitcoin@CBC (https://cleanblockchain.org) HODLers.

    Why Masternodes?

       Unlike many other coins, ZOON masternodes will actually be involved in the work of the marketplace. They will be parts of the cloud which host encrypted user data and allow to use our marketplace from thin clients (application which can be run on any mobile device)


       Q3 2018:           Release of full node wallets for all major platforms       Creating a basic infrastructure: site, block-explorer, etc.       Web wallet, electrum       Integration with SABEX exchange       launch bounty campaigns (coin & marketplace)       Technical whitepaper       CryptoBridge listing

       Q4 2018:

          Raising funds to list on two big exchanges (Coinexchange, Cryptopia)       Plan for further development (extending roadmap)       Marketplace desktop app demo       Migration to Merkle-Tree Proof algo       Development of a single application Wallet/Market/Exchange    

       Q1 2019:

          Desktop application final release       Marketplace masternode integration       Mobile application development       Marketing and promotion          

       Q2 2019:              Introduction of a single type smart-contracts to coin/market       Zoon.Market monthly turnover > 2 000 000$

    discord.png twitter.png github.png mail.png site.png telegram.png

    For those who want to join and become part of the community.

       Anyone can help this project take its rightful place in the crypto industry, we will need not only investments, but also hashpower to maintain the network, marketers, bounty managers, developers, activists, designers, SMMs and just good advices. We are sure that all your efforts will be rewarded and the invested funds are multiplied.

    Make DarkMarket Great Again!

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