• Listex is a SCAM. The Lobstex Team paid them BTC and fees to list us. They sold LOBS immediately on Graviex exchange and took the BTC. We raised voice that withdrawals are not working, and they mentioned raise ticket for withdrawals. Finally after 5 days, today members wrote on their twitter and were got blocked... Please don't fall for it. Its 100% scam exchange. Any questions get you banned from discord, any comments through twitter get you blocked, and support tickets are not answered. 

    Here is there bitcointalk thread with others having problems. 

    I just son't want any other coins getting scammed by an exchange.

  • Sad to hear that @SMITHLITE. With more exchanges coming it's going to be more important that these get vetted and exposed before more people get hurt.

  • administrators

    @smithlite thx for posting your experience with Listex. At some point we might have to start a thread with all known/confirmed scams out there. I'd add C-cex and Yobit to that list...

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