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  • Dear NodeCheck Users (formerly!

    It's been 10 months since we made our website publicly available (19 March 2018). We are consistently expanding it, providing new functionalities, adding new currencies, and the number of users and MN's monitored is constantly growing, which is excellent for us.

    In order to better identify on the market and reduce possible brand confusion, we decided to change our name and logo.
    Today, we want to present you our new name and logo, under which we will be operating.


    Our development plans remain unchanged.
    We still have the ambition to be the leading masternode monitoring service with advanced detection and notification functionality.

    The main features of our service:
    - Unique pro-active monitoring (detects potential issues with your node. It can detect potential network issues with your VPS, notifying you so that you can check your VPS service and or VPS and fix accordingly)
    - Wallet / MN upgrade notification
    - Email or anonymous token login
    - Monitoring masternodes statuses and payouts every 15 minutes
    - Masternode statistics: status, last block, block age, version
    - Market statistics: price (USD & BTC), change 24h, coins daily, value daily, ROI, MN worth
    - Payment summary (daily, weekly, monthly)
    - Payout notifications with number of coins earned and USD value
    - Notifications via email, Telegram, Discord
    - Event log activity for all your masternodes
    - Lastpaidtime, activetime and lasteen tracking
    - Desktop and mobile version available
    - Protocol version check
    - Customised GUI
    - KYD verified logo for appropriate verified coins
    - Completely Ad-free service
    - Free & PRO plan available
    - Listing fee $100 only in 24h

    Thank you for the trust you have placed in us.
    Stay with us.

  • We'd now like to announce that we've added the following coins to our masternode monitoring service: AdultChain, Cubex, Epic, Keyco, KYD, Muncoin, Terracoin, TransferCoin, zXFlea and Numus.

  • Just wanted to let you know we added a couple of features to NodeCheck masternode monitoring -
    We now have night mode, so you can change the theme from dark or light. 
    We have also enabled in payout notifications - the number of coins earned.  More features coming soon 🙂

  • We'd like to announce that the following coins have now been added to our service and masternode monitoring for them is possible: Aced, Condominium, Gravium, Hexxcoin, Maze, NIX Platform, Phase, Quantis, Qyno, Seather and Wino.

  • We are happy to announce that we've just added the following coins to our masternode monitoring service: Acre, Akula, BitDiamond, ColossusXT, Graphcoin, Harvest, Infinipay, Instadex, MCT, MANO and Scriv.  Have fun monitoring your nodes 🙂

  • We have now added additional information to our MN stats. You can now check and verify the version and also the current block that we have with all the currencies on our site

    We also show how much time has passed since the last block was generated and also the percentage of ENABLED masternodes versus other states. 

    In addition to this, when you add a masternode, the last notification settings chosen by you are remembered. This means for subsequent adding of masternodes, you won't need to keep selecting the type of notifications you want.

  • Added today: Gold Poker, Monkey, Nitrous N20, Secure Cloud Coin and Venox.

    Happy masternode monitoring 🙂

  • Can't wait to see profits earning on there.

  • We now support CARDbuyers (BCARD), GIN Platform (GIN), New Power Coin (NPW), XDNA (XDNA) and Acreage (ACR)

  • Today we added Birake Coin (BIR) and Vulcano (VULC) to our service.

  • PayDay Coin (PDX) and Monetary Unit (MUE) now supported for masternode monitoring.

  • Catocoin (CATO), Hempcoin (THC) and Xorn (XORN) are now possible for masternode monitoring.

  • Today we added Wavi (WAVI) to our service 🙂

  • Blocknode (BND), Ignition Coin (IC) and 01coin (ZOC) has now been added to our platform for masternode monitoring.

  • Hello @cradox 

    I just posted an other topic about my personal project involving masternodes (see here).

    I strongly believe that we are stronger together, and I'm willing to build connections with other developers / projects / services.

    If you are interested in a talk, let me know and we can find each other on Discord.

  • We are proud to announce that we have introduced additional interesting features on our platform. From today, users can monitor currency prices, percentage changes, and MN values - found under the Stats menu - Node and Market stats. In addition, payout notifications will contain values in USD. Other new features coming soon .....

  • @soldatchristi 

    See our last info - now you can see your profits & stats 🙂

  • Nodebase (NDB), BiblePay (BBP) and SatoshiCoin (SATC) are now supported on our platform for masternode monitoring and stats.

  • For the first visit the page seems well thought, and easy to use! BIG thank's

  • Xchange (XCG) coin now active on our platform

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