- proactive masternode monitoring service

  • Kicksoccer Coin (KSOC) now live on our platform + API.

  • It's now possible to export MN payouts to CSV file.  This can be found under the Event Log for the masternode that you wish to export payouts.  The screenshow below shows an example of this.  Please note this is a PRO feature.  A community menu has now been added to the site, which displays the links to all of our channels to improve visibility, as prior to this, the links could be found on the website footer (as well as in our discord channel).  More features coming soon.....

  • NodeCheck PROMO!

    Between 01-07 May 2019. For each follow/like/retweet of our twitter post we are enabling PRO for one month for all your MN's registered on our service for masternode monitoring.  DM us on twitter with your userid so that we can enable PRO for the nodes you have registered with us!

    User ID can be found on our website once you have logged in, under My Profile --> Preferences

  • Vestx (VESTX) has now been added to our platform for MN monitoring.

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