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  • Hi guys, I am looking to start my first Masternode. I read the forum and I check a lot of coins. I found suitable for my first node these one.
    Escrow (ESCO)
    Aegeus (AEG)
    Motion (XMN)
    Which do you think that is the best one? Do you have any recommendations? 
    Thanks a lot 


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     I like these projects. Analyze CTS too

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    Just curious: why do you like these projects? Would you but those coins if they didn't had masternodes?

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    I meant to look at XMN and AEG as well, but have not have the time yet. Would love any insight as well. I'll end up doing my research on it at some point I guess and will come back to these thread with my findings. It's just not a priority right now so it might take a while.

  • Hi to all, I am trying to start in the world of masternodes, those coin that I mentioned in the past post, one of the reason that I posted it were because the Masternode Worth is under 500$.
    I taked a quikly a look to Aegeus, I see it have the "high" marketcap and some fair daily volume. They did a coin burn the 1st of July-
    They are on CMC.
    The team is on the page , with nicknames , but something is something. I have seen a high number of project whitout the team on the website.
    They are really active with the project.
    Today they released a bootstrap that is hosted on IPFS

    In discord there is one of the devs answering questions.

    Some point that I found in the whitepapper.

    "Aegeus is selling their pre-mine coins, 21 million in supply minus 25% kept in reserve for marketing, operational costs and development, without  conducting an ICO. Multiple exchanges and  development will proceed as coin sales are generated. The remaining 75% of the coin will be sold to the public through the exchanges. Those coins that cannot be sold on the exchanges will be burned on July 1st, 2018."

    "When our current operations budget runs low, we will increase the block rewards to 143, and the  additional 3 AEG coins per block will be used toward the Aegeus operating budget"

    I am newbie, so maybe I am missing a lot of points, these is what I could check for now .

    Thanks a lot.


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    When I first started in masternodes I got a few masternodes that only costed below $10 to get practice setting them up. 

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    I’m starting in Masternodes, can you tell me where i can learn how to set and buy a Masternodes please?


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    @nocodelondon Masternodes.Online is a great tool to find projects that you want to invest in. For setting them up, the projects themselves will usually have great guides as well as people willing to help in their Discord. Of course you can always ask me if you have questions!

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