POSQ: An Introduction

  • @itawyola this coin is awesome, jus hope will be better project than the other coin about stable price, always up

  • You can see that it is actively and persistently active.
    It is enough to name POSQ in various places.
    Many things have fallen to the right,
    The expected value is very high as POSQ is rising!
    With this condition I think CryptoBridge is also a matter of time.

  • Highly excited about POSQ. Gonna get this MN! Why? Cause Poseidon provides fast, zero cost payments to anywhere around the world without any third-party intervention. Its fully decentralized global payment network allowing individuals to have full control of their finances.

  • @itawyola It's on Nybix and Crex24 exchanges as well! I don't know why hadn't I found this gem before...

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    @vichikuma They are very under the radar! They are doing great work but not focusing on creating hype or anything like that. The work speaks to itself. I would not be surprised at all if POSQ is 100 sats in the next few months. 

  • POSQ is a fast transaction coin with proof of stake. Currently, only 10000 POSQ is required as a masternode. Please see more information at Website: https://posq.space/ .

  • @itawyola said:

    One of the projects that I am most excited for in the masternode space is POSQ. They are a privacy coin with cheap masternodes, a balanced ROI, active community, and really amazing and involved development team. They are really working hard on their platform and the price has been steadily rising for weeks now. They are only on graviex and the price is holding really strong, which I think bodes well for the future of the project. I'm sure at some point their goal is to get on CryptoBridge, which I personally am very excited for. Has anyone else heard of this project and if so, what do you think?
    Website: https://posq.space/

     I discovered this project by chance on twitter feeds.  I have been following this strong community project since then.

  • Just found the POSQ project and i love it. Quite amazed at the community support it has gathered so far.

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    Seeing the success POSQ has with the community, it seems an ANN for this coin would be welcome! If you can reach to the team, let they know that they are welcome here: BetweenBlocks ANNs

  • Hi, my friend! It should all work out. Good luck!

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