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    zBucks is an anonymous and innovative open source decentralised public cryptocurrency. We strongly support the mining community by making zbucks ASIC resistant ensuring the decentralisation of our coin. Additionally, we aim to incentivize gamers using our future paid to pay model.
    zBucks exists primarily as a cryptocurrency, a simple peer to peer digital cash system. Us, like many others, are working towards bridging the economic gap between the wealthy and those less fortunate no matter where in the world you may reside. “Levelling the playing field”. This industry is pioneering and thought-provoking and somewhat vastly unpredictable - but this is to be expected. Nonetheless, the Economists, Bankers, Investment Brokers & Media by and large, resent the value placed along with the technology, without value at its core the technology is meaningless. We firmly believe the youth of today and generations of tomorrow, will embrace, improve upon and implement cryptocurrencies in their daily lives and in our opinion, they’ll be better off for it. Investing in their children’s education and their own retirement and if sensibly planned, ought to be rewarded.


    • Total Supply: 100mln
    • Hash algorithm: CryptoNight-Heavy
    • Type: PoW / Gaming Nodes
    • Coin symbol: ZBK
    • Block time: 120 seconds
    • P2P Port: 50501
    • RPC Port: 50502
    • Community driven Project

              Downloads & Links

          CLI Wallet:

          GUI Wallet:

        * There are some false-positive alarms from Virus Total (mostly from unknown anti-virus vendors) mainly due to embedded python binaries in Windows installers.
       ** Zip content should be extracted to non-unicode folder path, better at root drive like C:\ or D:\ on Windows

          Logo Pack:


       Remote Node:
                     If you would like to connect to one of our remote nodes for your wallet. IP: Port 50502
                      Mobile Wallets
                  Mobile wallets are in our roadmap to allow easy payments. Further updates will be announced on our website.


              Mining Pools

                   http://zbucks.blockfoundry.org/ - US West
                   https://zbucks.luckypool.io/ - EU
                   https://zbk.scecf.org/ - US, EU, India and Eastern Asian
                   http://zbk.wahaobi.com/ - China

              Block Explorer

              Project Roadmap - 2018

           Detailed information will be available in our whitepaper:

    • zBucks Trade Manager
    • zBucks Mining Manager
    • Paid to play znodes



           All bounty announcements will be found on our Discord and Telegram channels

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