[ANN] [DNCA / DNCZ] Dualnode coin | PoW/PoS Masternodes: Dualnodes

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    Dualnode Coin: DncA & DncZ

    Each coin have two sides. That’s the main theme of our coins: they are different, but can work as a whole to get ultimate results. The main goal of our coin - provide stable currency to the world. It's up to you to decide how innovative this is, but we are proud of the idea itself already.

    We present you new kind of usage for blockchain technology: Dualnodes.
    This is two coins with similar spec and different algo. Perfectly tuned, DGW included.

    I will update and post pictures when my bitcointalk account will be ready for it.
    For now they are available at Discord server.

      x16r :Algo: lyra2z
    DncA :Ticker: DncZ
    25 Million :Coin supply: 25 Million
    1% :Premine: 1%
    1000 DncA :Masternode: 1000 DncZ
    60 seconds :Block time: 60 seconds
    15 DncA :Block Reward: 15 DncZ
    50% to 75% :MN Reward: 55% to 75%
    10% :Dualnode bonus Reward: 10%


    Lauch scheduled at:
    01 August 2018 (01.08.18) // 20:00 UTC
    Wallet pre-release at GitHub - 01.08.18 // 19:00 UTC
    Website - 08.08.18


    Dualnodes Masternode explanation:
    You can choose up to 3 ways to set up your Masternode:
    1000 DncA
    1000 DncZ
    1000 DncA & 1000 DncZ
    First two options is familiar to anyone, who heard of masternodes before, however the third option is what we call Dualnodes – the ultimate tool to make cryptocurrencies great again. It takes two coins and blends them together, allowing you to get full reward from both coins and also get a nice bonus for such combo. Bonus will be paid from our premine.
    Wallet can store both DncA and DncZ at the same time!
    Masternode reward for DncA increased to 55% at 1500 block.
    Scaling to 75% MN reward will happen in two years.

    Anti Instamine only for the first 100 blocks and Masternodes start to get reward at block #1000.

    And this is where differences rush in. DncA will be the Alpha node. Every 1000 blocks there will be super-block with 1000 coins reward. Every 10000 blocks – omega-block with 10000 coins reward.
    DncZ, or as we call it - Zzz node (the Sleeper), have PoS provided by developer’s stash. It’s not huge at the beginning, but will increase over time and have nothing to do with original block reward.

    Q3 (now) - Wallet, Website, Launch, Exchange Listing
    Q4 - Whitepaper, Updates to Roadmap, MN Services, Multiple Exchanges
    Q1 - iOS Wallet, Charity, Investors
    Q2 - New Algorithm, Third Coin, Triplenodes


    Website | Discord | Github | Twitter | Medium


    For all the kinds of bounty please check bounty channels in Discord.
    Translation bounty will be announced. Do not start translation until we ask you to.
    List of other bounty: Invite bounty
    Logo creation
    Signature bounty
    Social Media reposts

    One more thing. You have actual possibility to trade DncA to DncZ via wallet. Our gui will let you exchange one coin to another in no time. Ratio will not stay fixed at 1:1, it will change dynamically, representing the trade values and online price of both coins. Backed by our premine.
    Available after CMC listing.

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