Alphanode :- A community driven coin in Real Sense

  • A project that was abandoned by original Devs and then revived by community.

    Since the old developer of AlphaNode had left the project. He had removed GitHub, shut down the website, blockchain explorer and disappeared from all social networks, the Alphanode community decided to take over the project.
    After hard work for several weeks, a new AlphaNode version  is released. This version fixes several unstablity issues of the previous version and prepare for fork process to change the specification.

    Old specification

    - PoW Algorithm: Quark
    - PoW Blocks: 2 - 475200
    - PoS Blocks: Starting from 475201
    - Block Reward: 125 ALN   Masternodes 30% / Miners 70%

    New specification

    1. PoW Algorithm: Lyra2Z
    2. Last POW Block change to 500000 ( POS / MN)
        PoS Blocks: Starting from 500001
    3. Three Levels Masternode
       * Level 1 - requires   10,000 ALN  MasterNode Reward  10%
       * Level 2 - requires   50,000 ALN  MasterNode Reward  30%
       * Level 3 - requires  100,000 ALN MasterNode Reward  50%

    Fork Process

    1. The Fork process starts at blocks 225000.
    2. Mining Algorithm will be changed to Lyra2Z at 31-08-2018 00:00:00

    An airdrop is also going on at Bitcoingarden

    As you can see the coin being converted into tiered masternodes with the highest collateral being 100k , its surely gonna moon after the change. The team is working on adding few big exchanges before they start their marketing with full force. At this prices its surely a hidden gem.

    Please do let me know your thoughts. 

    I will recommend joining discord to learn more about the project and participate in various Airdrop and Bounties.

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