• I came across Neoscoin since it is a pretty old coin with a Masternode that reportedly has ROI over 600%. But there are only 8 nodes running and it seems the interaction with public is pretty much dead. However they have a new page so I am wondering whether the coin is really dead. Anyone runs the Neoscoin masternode?

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    @karel I see what you mean. I find it very strange that there is only 8 MNs running. It may be a glitch in the explorer? Anyway, the fact that you discovered that they have a new page could mean that you are on to something there ūüôā

    I think it's worth it to stalk their discord or telegram and try to get a sense of what's up 

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  • @kelnel that's the issue. No discord. Telegram currently not functioning. Not enought information. I just know they had trouble with funding of the project so the team migrated to DASH blockchain for better community funding. Seems dying to me, but they put up some work. I am trying to get some information about the team but their marketing currently does not work - hardfork and new page is not easy to do.