[ANN] NODEXO - Earn Crypto Assets With Masternode Shares

  • Nodexo - Quickest And Easiest Way To Masternode Investing

    Quickest And Easiest Way To Masternode Investing


    We’ve built a platform so you can earn passive crypto income with masternode shares.
    Our goal is to provide a fully transparent and secure masternode investment process starting from masternode coin selection and finishing with reward withdrawals.
    Nodexo platform is the easiest way to run a masternode so you can earn yourself a steady cryptocurrency revenue stream.

    How To Get Started

    Nodexo - How To Get Started

    Masternode Benefits

    :white_check_mark: Minimum Deposit amount: 5%

    :white_check_mark: Deposit Fee: 0%

    :white_check_mark: Withdrawal Fee: 0%

    :white_check_mark: Masternode Reward Fee: 7%

    :white_check_mark: Rewards in your wallet: Once per week

    :white_check_mark: Real-time wallet balance update

    Referral Program

    Tell your friends about Nodexo shared masternode platform and get up to 30% FREE bonus to your first masternode investment.
    The more friends that join, the higher bonus you will receive.

    Your bonus according to the overall place:

    :three: :zero: % = #1

    :two: :zero: % = #2

    :one: :five: % = #3

     :one: :zero: % = #4 - 10

     :seven: % = #11 - 30

     :five: % = #31 - 70

     :three: % = #71 - 100

    The referral campaign is running only until the 20th of August and only top 100 will receive a bonus! Hurry up!

    Check Us Out

    Website: https://nodexo.io/

    Facebook: @nodexo

    Twitter: @nodexo_io

    Telegram: /nodexo

    Team Nodexo

  • Looks good.. how can I trust you ?

  • @bountyhunter Hey, thanks for the question!
     Many have asked this question to us and the answer is rather simple. Nodexo LLC is a registered company in EU and complies with all EU regulations. Our core team profiles are public, check us out here: https://nodexo.io/#team . The registration process will include KYC procedure, mandatory for all investors in case large amounts will be deposited/withdrawn. Plus, we want to make the process as transparent as possible, so you'll be able to track your account balance in real-time in the block explorer for each coin.
    If you have other questions feel free to ask on our social media accounts or in email: hello@nodexo.io

    Team Nodexo

  • Will be looking forward to platform launch. How often do you plan to add new coins? And will there be a user guide?

  • @bitexpert2k Thanks!
    We will add more coins as soon as we'll do the due diligence for the particular projects. We want to make a close connection to the developers and determine for example does the roadmap look realistic and are the goals completed within the deadlines. However this is just a small part of the evaluation process.

    Yes, there will be a user guide with basic steps on shared masternode investing. We want to make the process as simple as possible try for yourself and give us the feedback.

    Team Nodexo

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