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    Qabio Project

    Let us introduce our new project based on Qabio's own cryptocurrency including a set of related services:

    • Masternode ranking website
    • One click masternode setup service and masternode hosting
    • Masternode sharing service
    • PoS pool
    • PoW pool
    • Masternode's investors
    • Freelance service
    • Cryptocurrency marketplace.

    We are launching this project because we believe that the cryptocurrency has already experienced the first stage of its development and it's time to move on to more advanced technologies. The first solutions, including Bitcoins and numerous similar coins, have revolutionized the minds of people. The ideas of decentralization, consensus, alternative finance and the economy appeared to be very much expected and in high demand. Unfortunately, along with the advantages of the classical (fiat) money, the crypto-currencies also contained significant flaws, which became obvious only after the huge popularization of crypto-currencies. Those are the speed of transactions in the crypto-currency network, the commission fee for small payments and energy costs associated with the mining of coins. All this is still the object of criticism from classical financial institutions and regulators. They do not want to change their conservative approaches and keep manipulating people's minds, trying to blacken the crypto-currency world and inflict serious reputational wounds on it. It's time to correct the "errors of growth" of crypto-currency technologies and create a new world without dictatorship and prohibitions, without central banks and currency dogmas.

    We are confident that we will succeed in obtaining the leading positions among other projects at the expense of our strengths:

    • Our international team consists of the best professionals who are keen on their work and are committed to it with all their heart.
    • As far as we know, we are the first project on the market to introduce such a complex of services that support the cryptocoins.
    • We initially composed and implemented the exact plan of actions, both in the sphere of service development and in marketing.
    • Our project is based on innovative, fast and reliable technologies, with the help of which we expect to get ahead of competitors. It combines a high transaction speed and minimum hardware requirements both in terms of capacity and energy costs.  
    • We believe that we will succeed and do our best for that.

    Due to the rapid listing on major exchanges, a good liquidity of the coin will initially be created, which will attract investors and enable us to develop partnerships

    More about our services:

    Masternode ranking website is a service aimed at ranking the existing masternode coins. By using it, you can:

    1. Easily find and compare existing masternode projects.
    2. Participate in voting on the issues that are of most concern to the community.
    3. Register and promote your own projects.
    4. Receive notifications and current information through convenient channels (Telegram, discord, personal account)
    5. Monitor the status and manage your own masternodes.

    Most of these solutions will be available in mobile applications, which will allow using them 24/7.

    For those users who invest not only in coins and masternodes, but also actively participate in the acquisition of tokens, the ICO-tracker will be added, which will enable receiving information about the most interesting ICO projects that are currently being implemented or due to start which in the near future (and also recently completed, for retrospective analysis).

    We hope for a wide audience and therefore offer ordinary users free access to our Masternode ranking website service (in terms of monitoring your own masternodes).
    To list the project with a new coin on the Masternode ranking website, its developers will have to pay. After that, the participation of the coin (project) in the ranking will be free, and it will be visible to all users.

    One click masternode setup service and masternode hosting is designed for those users who are not ready to spend time on installing masternodes and setting the parameters of their hosting. With the help of our platform, the entire process of configuring and installing the masternodes will be reduced to a few simple steps and will take few minutes. Low-skilled users will be relieved of the need to attract third-party specialists, which will significantly reduce their risks of losing control over their own masternodes.

    For all masternodes launched using the One click masternode setup service, there will be an opportunity to use the Masternode ranking website service in terms of monitoring and controlling your node status.

    Masternode sharing service is suitable for users who like to diversify their investments in projects. With its help, it is possible to participate in any registered project with 5, 10 or 15 ...% share, instead of acquiring a full masternode, which will significantly reduce the financial "entry threshold". Due to this, it will be possible to more flexibly form your portfolio of projects and balance it.

    PoS pool is a service with which you can cooperate with other users in order to co-mine coins using the PoS technology. Due to this solution, the rewards received by participants in the pool will be higher than their own independent mining in their own wallets. In addition, due to existing pre-tunings, the main technical settings issues will be solved for users, that will appeal to those who recently joined the ranks of PoS enthusiasts and did not quite understand the details.

    We have the same respect for all mining concepts and for those who prefer the principle of PoW, the PoW Pool service is provided. Thanks to it, getting awards is accelerated (you do not have to wait until the solution is found for the whole coin, the awards are distributed among the participants in proportion to their mining capacity and the time spent in the pool). You can independently choose the programs / applications for mining that best meet your criteria.

    Masternode's investors community will help the community discuss topics of interest; create topics and blogs; publish articles, essays and researches; as well as create own channels devoted to mastering of related topics.

    In the Freelance service section, experienced users and teams will find an opportunity to provide services related to the project. It can be either services for individual users (consulting, advices and settings), or services for new projects (translations into various languages, promotional and advertising campaigns, other types of assistance). Due to the concentration of interested customers and specialized professionals, we expect that this freelance service will become more efficient than existing "dinosaur services" with an absolutely non-targeted audience.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange. At the final stage of the platform services’ formation, a Cryptocurrency Exchange will be launched. It will be slightly different from existing exchanges (for the better) due to several innovative solutions. The main source of income for the Cryptocurrency Exchange in the first stage is the planned commission fee for transactions with crypto-currencies. However, in the future we plan to increase the share of revenues generated by additional new services.

    All types of paid services on our platform will be carried out in our own coin, called Qabio. For the convenience of transactions, there will be an opportunity to convert the main cryptocurrencies into a payment coin.
    We look forward to the attention of the crypto-currency community and are open to recommendations and suggestions from anyone who is ready to contribute to the project.


    August 2018

    Project launch
    Windows / Linux wallets release 
    Start of promo-campaign in social media 
    Listing at Exchange  
    Adding coin to https://masternodes.online
    Masternode ranking website launch
    One click masternode setup service and masternode hosting launch

    September 2018

    MAC wallet release 
    Masternode sharing service launch
    Listing on Coinmarketcap
    Release of Android mobile application for Masternode ranking   website

    October 2018

    Marketing campaign aimed at attracting users
    Masternode’s investors community launch

    November 2018 

    PoS pool service launch
    PoW pool service launch

    December 2018 

    Mobile wallets release 

    January 2019 

    Freelance service launch

    March 2019 

    Crypto-currency Exchange Service launch

    May 2019 

    Reaching the milestone of 40000 active users


    Coming Soon


    All the details you can find by the link. Do not miss your chance to get Qabio coins!

  • Dear users of the Qabio project! The Bounty campaign is starting! All the details you can find by the link. Do not miss your chance to get Qabio coins!

  • Dear Qabio project users! A beta version of the MN Ranking service will be released in the coming days.

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