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    ANON or ANONymous is a fork between Zclassic and Bitcoin. This fork will take place on september 10th 2018. Holders of ZCL and/or Bitcoin will receive 1:1 ratio of ANONymous after the snapshot takes place. One of the Main question here to address is "Why ZCL and ANON are good projects to invest in right now?"

    Zclassic is an old, but well renowned cryptocurrency. A fork between BTC and ZCL did take place before after which the image of zcl in the community was damaged alot. BTCP team abandoned the ZCL project entirely which lead to a huge value loss (approx $250 to $5). A-lot of investors lost huge amounts of money because of this abandonment by the BTCP team. Now a new lifeline has been given to the zcl project. A new team is being appointed for ZCL and currently 2 teams are in standby to take over. A decision will be taken soon. Everyone knows the power of ZCL with an ath of $250, ZCL is a powerhouse waiting to be unleashed. With a very limited supply of just 4 million tokens, and a great technology this coin was destined for great highs. Now with a new team about to lead the project and the power of zcl will be seen by the world again. ZCL probably currently is an underdog at the moment, but a great opportunity to invest with a great future for sure.

    Anon on the other hand is a newly born coin, introduced by Jake Greenbaum. After learning from previous forks and the mistakes of the previous forks. ANON is focusing on private peer to peer transactions. The main technology in ANON is zkSNARK and proof of work. Jake also promised transparency for the project as well as addition of Masternodes. The ANON team is full of crypto-enthusiasts like SAM ABBASSI, CHRISTOPHER ARGUELLO as the dev team leads. Now one would ask why to invest in a project which is very similar to BTCP, which failed to make any impact on the market, and cause a great loss for investors.

    ANON is giving a lot of emphasis to transparency and anonymity, ANON is also targeting market adoption and exchange announcements way before the snapshot & fork takes place. This is what the last project lacked. And Jake learning from previous mistakes is confident in this project. A truly transparent project is an investors paradise. With updates given at each and every step by the team, regular video uploads, community engagement make this project clear like glass. Investors always like to invest in a project which is clear, simple & clean. Backed up by a great team and transparency the ANON project is one of the hottest project in 2018 to invest into. Price speculation is hard at the moment but a project which is greatly adopted by the market will only result in a valuable coin. For a project to be successful community engagement is very important and ANON has been doing that greatly.

    ZCL & ANON together are very powerful and cryptocurrencies, they both are great opportunities for people to invest in currently. ZCL is currently at $14 even without having a dev team behind it and I am more than positive after a team is assigned onto this project the price will not remain the same. It is the best chance to get this coin at such a low price (this is not financial advice do your own research). Owning ZCL will not only reap you rewards as an investor but also give you a 1:1 ratio of ANON on September 10 which itself is a very promising project.

    You can visit the ANON website at www.anonymousbitcoin.i...