Fork- The correct way of conducting a Fork.

  • In my last article ANON- A new kid on the block I addressed a very important question- why to invest in ZCL and ANON. In this article I will be talking about How ANON is Changing the way forks are conducted.

    Forks can either be planned for and guided by the core development team of a project or be initiated by a group of developers dissatisfied with an element of an existing project. The ANON team are the latter ones, they will be forking or in lay mans terms combining the best technologies of 2 existing blockchains - Bitcoin & Zclassic and forming a third and a completely new coin "ANON". This fork between ZCL and BTC will be rewarding the holders of these two or either coin with ANON in a 1:1 ratio. 

    Jake Greenbaum the founder of ANON, while announcing the project clearly mentioned that he had learnt from all the previous forks, successful ones like BitcoinCash and even from the unsuccessful ones like BitcoinPrivate. He very closely followed all these forks and was committed to the fact that he will not be repeating the same mistakes done in the past and till now this has been the case with ANON.So lets discuss about the main question, How is ANON changing the way forks are conducted.

    The biggest factor here for ANON is transparency. They plan to release videos, pictures and important updates on almost a daily basis to show the progress of this project. This not only shows the legitimacy of this project but also attracts more people to this. Previous forks were usually conducted behind closed doors, the supporters had no idea on what was being done until they directly saw the final product, which may or may not have been appreciated by them. Anon on the other hand is doing each and everything in the most transparent possible manner. Conducting a fork between 2 coins is not an easy task, it involves a lot of things like coding, testing, blockchain integration etc. all of these things need to be taken care by the team which is being done really nicely by this ANON team.

    The team is following a strict and proper way to conduct each and everything as of 10th August 2018, no deadline has been missed by the team and they are hoping to keep this up until the fork is completed on 10th September 2018. However hard work is also necessary in order to make a fork successful. The development team has been working tirelessly to meet all the deadlines.

    Another question to adderss here is Why another fork?

    Another fork was important to overcome what the previous one couldn’t. Bitcoin and Zclassic are 2 currencies with powerful blockchains, with excellence in privacy and security. This attracted the team to fork these 2 coins again.

    Anon is showing the world how to actually conduct a fork, the proper functioning of a team and the impact of the community. The success of a project depends upon the swift working through of a fork. The ANON team is setting an example for the future teams on what to do and how to do. With all these procedures taking place in a fluid manner I am 100% sure that this fork will be a successful one and it will come on top and set an example for future teams. 

    You can visit the ANON website at