DUELIUM- The Future of the Gambling Industry through the Blockchain Technology

  • Are you one of the people who loves to Gamble or simply enjoy playing betting games? Do you use almost all of your time playing online games with your friends, and aim to win just so you can brag about it? If yes, why don't you use your time, knowledge and strategies you learned from these online games to a more practical and profitable one? Cliche as it may sound but, why don't you make the "Make your passion your profession!" into a reality and earn real cash from it?


    What is Delium? DUELIUM is a Casino simulated online game based on a blockchain platform that allows you to earn rewards in cryptocurrencies while gaming. Yes! You read it right. You can earn rewards that can be converted into real life money to pay your bills and even foods. Delium is an innovative and private way to utilize blockchain both as cryptocurrency and as multi-functional platform in the casino businesses and gambling industries of the crypto ecosystem with popular features of the latest blockchain technology.

    Some of the cool features of DUELIUM

    1. Very Low Supply (8,888,888 Duelium) -Duelium revolves around the number "8". That being said, Duelium cryptocurrency has a total supply of only 8,888,888 Duelium. The developer believes in the Chinese numerology that number 8 is significantly associated with wealth and fortune.

    2. Web and mobile based cryto-casino -The development team hopes to develop a web and mobile based Crypto-casino platform. Just think about the virtual worlds of online games and multiplayer games continue to run even when you have logged off, and many gamers spend hours a day playing their favorite titles and earning rewards.

    3. Transparency -Duelium team believes in fairness, thus they have designed the platform to be as transparent as possible, hence giving everyone an equal opportunity to play and win, and this was made possible through the utilization of blockchain technology, creating immutable blocks of transactions and compiling them on a general ledger, making mutilations and corrections of data impossible.

    4. Clear vision about the project -The Duelium team have so far proven to be transparent and true to their words as they have fully delivered on every part of the road map as we see here, the developmental processes have been a milestone success and the team is out to deliver more on their promises.


    Name: DUELIUM Ticker: DL Type: POS + Masternode Max Supply: 8,888,888 DL Website: http://www.duelium.com/ Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4742873.0 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/duelium DL Telegram: http://t.me/Duelium DISCORD: https://discord.gg/RduTmUb

    You can still earn some DUELIUM through participating in the chat bounty, twitter bounty and many more in the Discord channel!