- AMA - A new secure crypto exchange geared to masternodes

  • MNO.Trade is a new exchange that's about to launch soon. We're a team of developers on the scene since 2011 and some of us are part of several well known projects in the crypto space. We decided there was a severe lack of transparent exchanges out there (most have wild politics for acceptance of coins, they don't publish their holdings nor allow anyone to know about their security model).

    So we decided to start an exchange geared towards masternode coins because we felt most coins in this space don't get the right attention or have a too high bar for trading.

    Currently we're starting with base pairs BTC, LTC and DASH, so you could have your coin on any (or all) of these three markets right away.

    We're planning some masternode specific products on our exchange (like masternode derivatives, shares DEX, ICO prelaunches, etc) and would like to share the plans we have here with the community.

    The exchange is about to launch this August 15th 2018 with a promotional fee for masternode coins, which they can subscribe on our page.

    Deployment times can vary between 1 to 3 days, according to the available binaries/code for the coin.

    Twitter: @MnoTrade


    Ask us anything

  • Very interesting. I'm at work now, so I'll have to join your discord a little later, but maybe you can PM me here about your fee listings for masternode coin projects?

  • Hi @soldatchristi think you're the same on the discord! Happy to help you in any other way we can