• 1 CLICK DEPLOYED MASTERNODES -Masternodes made easy. -Simple setup, backed by FOS coin. -Community focused and developed platform.

    PASSIVE INCOME VIA MASTERNODES Masternode coins enable another source of income besides relying on the coin itself to increase. They help stabilise a portfolio during all market conditions. FOSSIL will make the process of setting up a masternode easier than ever.

    FUELED BY FOS COIN FOS coin will be the backbone and fuel behind the FOSSIL platform. All masternode coins will require the user to purchase FOS in order to set up masternodes. This will help stablize and grow FOS as a cryptocurrency. FOS will be available to purchase on numerous exchanges over time.

    FOS COIN SPECS: Total coin supply*: 5,967,318.5 coins Masternode: 70% Staking: 30% Algo: QUARK Block time: 120 secs Ticker: FOS Blocks POW: 0-200 (This will be mined prior to ANN and used for community bounties/giveaways) Blocks POS: 201-1,000000+ Difficulty re-targeting: Every block Masternode collateral: 1,000 Premine: 9.09% (325k Founders, 216k Community fund) Time until all coins released*: 347.2 days


    0-200 - 5 block rewards (1000 coins total) POW ** PREMINE 542,483.5 coins** 201-5000 - 5 block reward (23995 coins total) POS 5001-10,000 - 70 block reward (349930 coins total) POS 10,001-25,000 - 60 block reward (899940 coins total) POS 25001-50,000 - 40 block reward (999960 coins total) POS 50,001-100,000 - 30 block reward (1499970 coins total) POS 100,001 - 150,000 - 20 block rewards (999980 coins total) POS 150,001 - 250,000 - 10 Block reward (999990 coins total) POS 250,001+ - 5 Block reward infinite POS


    Q3 2018: FOS coin website launch. FOS coin main-net launch. Masternodes listing sites.

    Q3 2018: First exchange listing. Whitepaper release v.1.0. New block explorer.   Q4 2018: FOSSIL platform landing page. Wallet update. Secondary exchange.

    Q4 2018: E-commerce plugins. Coin partnerships.

    Q1 2019: FOSSIL Platform Launch. Community governance added.

    Q1 2019: Release of Web wallet. Brand awareness marketing campaign.

    Q2 2019: Release of Android wallet. Release of Mac wallet.

    Q2 2019: Beta launch for FOSSIL decentralized marketplace allowing buyers and sellers to trade on the blockchain.

    Q3 2019: Shared masternodes feature added to the platform.

    Q3 2019: Beta launch of FOSSILDEX allowing users to trade crypto currencies. FOS, BTC and ETH pairings.

    TEAM Team members/advisors will be announced over the coming days via our website: http://fossilcoin.io/

    PRESALE: 30 days.

    TIER 1: 0.15 BTC(1 MASTERNODE) 0-20 MN's TIER 2 : 0.2 BTC (1 MASTERNODE) 21-50 MN's <Join our discord to take part in the presale>

    LINKS: Discord: https://discord.gg/DUnBC3t Twitter: https://twitter.com/FOSSILPlatform Github: https://github.com/FOScoin Website: http://fossilcoin.io/

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