The Toolbox: a Crypto Starter Kit

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    In this thread, you will find all the tools necessary to start or complement your crypto journey. 

    BetweenBlocks is a free forum and will always be free. We will never become a paying service. If you wish to help and support us, simply using our referral links below will be of great help.

    Here are the main tools you will need in your cryptocurrency journey :

    • VPS Providers

    If you are on this forum, there is a high chance you are interested in masternodes. If you wish to host your own masternodes, the best and most popular solution is to use a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Here are some of the best options to deploy your own VPS:

    -Vultr :
    Vultr is one of the main VPS providers. It is easy to use and a great solution. If you are new and not very tech savvy, Vultr is for you. Usually, the $5 VPS will be enough to host most Masternodes

    -Digital Ocean :
    Digital Ocean is also a good option. By using our link, you will get $10 in credit. You can freely use this credit to deploy VPS and try your hand at hosting masternodes on your own.

    • Masternode Pool

    If you don't have enough of a coin for a masternode but still wish to get some returns on the coins you do have, you can share a Masternode with others on Stakinglab.
    -Stakinglab :

    • Major Altcoin exchanges

    -Binance :
    Binance is pretty much the top exchange in the crypto world at the moment. You will find a wild variety of altcoins there, as well as the main ones.

    -Huobi Global :
    HBG is a Chinese trading and exchange platform. Huobi are rolling their services in Japan, Korea and the US in the near future. One of the biggest player in the game.

    • Lower cap coin trading

    -Bibox :
    Bibox is a young exchange (2017), yet to be discovered by a major part of the crypto community. They offer a wide range of coins and have a slick trading platform.

    -Kucoin :
    Kucoin is also a modern and young exchange, but with industry giants backing it. It has a very clean and modern layout. Fees are very competitive (0.1% instead of the industry standard of 0.2%).

    • Trade BTC (with or without leverage)

    If you've made it here, we assume that you know how lucrative but also dangerous trading with leverage can be. If you want to try out trading with leverage, these are the best options :

    -Bitmex : Bitmex is the most commonly used platform by crypto traders. It has all necessary features for advanced trading, high leverage, BTC and Altcoins futures, and no KYC requirements. By using our link to create your account on Bitmex, you will receive a 10% fee discount for 6 months.

    -Deribit : Deribit is a very decent alternative to Bitmex. They offer futures and options. Bitmex has had troubles in the past with connectivity in high volume and volatility times. By using our link to create your account on Deribit, you will receive a 10% fee discount for 6 months.

    • Copy-Trade

    If you dont have time to trade yourself, or if you have been struggling with your margin trades on Bitmex, 1fox is for you. Their main product is "social trading". It is not out yet but they are working on it and should roll out soon. You will be able to see how the best traders trade and "copy-trade" them. Choose the best traders to copy and 1fox will automatically match all their trades with your account:
    -1Fox :

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    • Additional Altcoin Exchange

    This one is a special one. As masternode enthusiast, surely you'll have heard about ALQO by now. They are finally on the verge of launching their Bitfineon exchange. Bitfineon is based in switzerland and will have fiat pairs. Early adopters will get to trade for free at public launch: