Coin2Play: An intro

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    From a Developer’s Perspective

    C2P is a POW/POS/Masternode coin with a max supply of 50,000,000 and a premine of 500,000. Masternode collateral is 10,000 C2P at the time of writing. Coin2Play advertises a network secured by a POS/POW network, block rewards for staking and masternodes, and very fast transactions. They also emphasize stable income for their stakers and masternode owners and the increase of privacy in cryptocurrency transactions. This makes it the perfect coin for a gaming community. Coin2Play has a comprehensive and complete roadmap for development that includes the release of a GUI wallet, block explorer, whitepaper, mobile app release, and integration into an online casino. They have built a good-looking website and seem to have a very good development team running the show. They’ve released all of their wallets and are currently up-to-date.

    From an Investor’s Perspective

    Coin2Play is not currently on an exchange, so there’s no market price to judge from. They do, however, have plenty of catalysts coming up, apparently including a CryptoBridge/Coinexchange listing. Here’s a snapshot of their projected roadmap:



    A CryptoBridge listing would be a huge first exchange to be on. After that, there’s still a Cryptopia listing on the horizon. Exchange adds are some of the best catalysts for the price of coins, and C2P has two big ones in sight and more on the agenda.

    Let me know what you guys think!

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    Coin2Play will be listed on CoinExchange within the next 12 hours!

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