Discord Account Behind Several Scam Coins!

    • You can see on the InfiniPay discord that the discord account Siham288 and Bonjorno are the same people for starters, as well as Bonjorno being the Dev account of  Infinipay which was exit scammed but being adopted by RESQ now, and CharityCoin.
    •  I've also seen this account on several other older exit scammed masternode channels which have long since gone to $0,and also looks like he owns several account to now not take an actual role as a developer for each scam coin he creates.
    •  On Oxid discord the account is listed as moderator for the channel as well, do your research and be careful if you ever see this account of the project. 
    • Good luck InfiniPay with RESQ Adoption & Community Takeover!

  • @jonathanv I see the same, they are scammers.

  • You're not saying that RESQ is a scam?

  • Thank's for the warning!