[ANN] Bitrity. Bitcoin formula coin with a core base of Masternodes network.

  • Hello everyone! Let's start from important aspects of cryptocurrency, it’s formula. 

    In respect to Satoshi Nakamoto, we decided to create a cryptocurrency with the same formula as Bitcoin. During 2017 and 2018 too many Masternode cryptocurrencies have been created. This coupled with small block times and large rewards (Usually between 1 to 2.5 minutes), produces an oversupply which demand cannot match. This causes prices to fall over time and is not sustainable.

    Total supply for these new Masternode coins is also too high and it makes these coins not suitable for certain applications. Our project aims to create a new cryptocurrency with Bitcoin value into the real world. We will bring new wonderful products to the general public of consumers and investors alike. 

    Our cryptocurrency will be called “Bitrity”, its short abbreviation will be “BITY”. Bitrity is a new name for a digital world which brings to life so many beautiful and interesting things. Our project will include digital product and services marketplace called "Bitrity" development, a digital art cafe and restaurant called "Bitrity", a "Bitrity" cryptocurrency exchange development scheme and more. Governance votes will decide all investments. All businesses will accept BITY like payment method. At the same time we will also accept other cryptocurrencies. 

    What is most important, is promotion. We will promote Bitrity to different merchants to advance its real world use. WE WILL MAKE POSSIBILITY OF "BITY" PAYMENTS IN THE ATM's USING MOBILE PHONE. Bitrity is a new value in an exciting cryptocurrency world. We will be focusing on "Bitrity" integration into the real world, making us the next generation Bitcoin with a core base of Masternodes supporting the network! We all know that traders are using historical charts and very often history repeats...

    In “Bitrity” project involved many talented people from different countries.  All project entries will be implemented in Europe - Belgium, Netherlands and Spain.

    We didn't make Bitrity coin to represent value of our project entries!
    We will make project entries to advance Bitrity coin popularity and real world use!

    Imagine if Bitcoin represent value of some Masternodes hosting website or some
    mobile app of year 2009 or outdated supply chain, used in a narrow field of activity in 2009.
    What will be it's price today? A couple dollars or even not, because new technologies coming
    and changing the world.
    But Bitcoin formula no need to change or update, it works, with some transaction delays,
    but it executes it's function very well.

    Popularity, mass adoption and time will bring value to BITY.

    Bring value to our community, join us! 

    Website coming soon: https://bitrity.com
    Discord: https://discord.gg/GyNyyfm
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitrity
    Telegram: https://t.me/bitrity

    Technical features
    Coin name: Bitrity 
    symbol: BITY
    Total supply: 21 M BITY
    Pre-mine: 288000 BITY for pre-sale, 
    airdrops, exchanges listing, 
    development, charity, real world 
    business investment and "Bitrity" promotion. 
    Target block interval: 600 Transactions will be fast like bitcoin cash. 
    Block size 2 mb
    Block reward: 50 BITY (Halving each 210000 block) 
    Masternodes block reward 85%
    Miners block reward 10%
    Treasury budget 5%
    Treasury budget starts from block 4320
    Algorithm used: Lyra2REv2
    Masternode requirement: Hold 1000 BITY
    Difficulty retargeting: Dark Gravity Wave v3
    Proof of Work + Masternodes 
    Port: 33181
    RPCPort: 33182

  • Popularity, mass adoption and time will bring value to BITY.

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