READ BEFORE POSTING! Disclaimer and Guidelines for the Crossroad

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    Welcome to the Crossroad. 

    BetweenBlocks is not responsible for the content of any post in the Forums or in The Crossroad in particular. BetweenBlocks does not condone, encourage, participate in, or monitor any "trading" or "transfer" of money, crypto or credit between Forum users for any purpose whatsoever. BetweenBlocks will never facilitate or guarantee such transactions between users. BetweenBlocks will not be responsible or liable for the actions of any user upon receiving information from any posts in The Crossroad related to such transactions.

    Use any information posted in The Crossroad at your own risk.  

    BetweenBlocks assumes no responsibility for policing or monitoring the content of The Crossroad's posts or users. It is possible that the posts in this thread may contain information that is misleading, inaccurate, fraudulent, or relating to unlawful activity. BetweenBlocks accepts no responsibility for any harm or loss alleged by any forum user based on the information provided in The Crossroad. It is the responsibility of each forum user, not of BetweenBlocks, to ensure that any information found in the Crossroad is used in a manner consistent with all applicable local, state, federal, or international laws.

    Users will post their offers, buy MNs on presale, look for OTC trades etc. Be VERY wary of who your are trading with. When downloading completely new wallets, consider using a sandbox to keep your machine safe.

    It is recommended to use a trusted escrow when engaging in such activities. We do not guarantee escrow in any way but you can pm me or one of the mods and we will help if we can. BetweenBlocks assumes no responsibility for any action taken by any escrow.

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