Zoomba Team Submits for KYD Verification

  • The Zoomba Team is happy to inform you that we have submitted for KYD Verification. https://review.kydcoin.io/
    It is important to us that we are transparent and look to build trust with our amazing community!
    Review and completion takes up to 1.5 weeks. Thanks to all who have been amazing support!!

    About ZoombaCoin:

    ZOOMBA will combine cryptocurrency and ride-share service to create the first sustainable masternode/ride-share service ever created.
    Making masternodes have a true real-world use, a person can use ZOOMBA rewards to pay for travel without ever having to pay out of 
    pocket or sell their masternode. They can simply accumulate ZBA rewards and use those for day-to-day travel. No more depending on
    centralized services.. No more waiting for buses or taxi's..

    With ZOOMBA's mobile app DRIVER/USER interface, anyone around the world will be able to become part of the ZOOMBA family!

    Zoomba will be the first decentralized ride-share service that brings crypto to the masses.

    Zoomba will take you from where you are, to where you want to be..