Get a free HUM Masternode (Mod Edit: presale)

  • Human Chain announces Private Sale for Masternode sales for HUM Coin – our community’s blockchain-powered, decentralised cryptocurrency.
    HUMCoin Masternode owners will be rewarded with 85% of HUM coins per block maturity whilst stakers earn the remaining 15%.
    The private sale will progress over a maximum of three weeks whereby no more than 200 Masternodes will be sold.
    To purchase a Masternode during the private pre-sale a one off 0.5 BTC payment will be required as collateral of 10,000 HUM coins to be held in the Masternode wallet.

    Get one masternode for free!
    Hot deal - valid only for 24 h.
    Human Chain gives you the chance to get one Masternode for free.
    Strong limited deal! Buy two - get three!
    For further information join our Discord channel:

    This offer starts on 3rd September at 9:00 gmt and is only for 24h valid.
    We offer: one Masternode (10 000 HUM) for 0,5 BTC
                   three Masternodes (30 000 HUM) for only 1 BTC

    Start your daily passive income on September 3rd.

    This deal is strong limited and FIFO (first in first out)!
    When this special offer ends, one Masternode will cost 0,75 BTC

    During the presale, you can buy 10 000 HumanChain Coins for only half of a Bitcoin.
    After our presale and exchange listing, the price for one masternode will be more than 2 Bitcoins.

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    Discord channel:

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    Hi, I moved your post to the ANN category. I've also added "Presale" to your title, as without it, it could have been misconstrued for a giveaway/airdrop.

    Best of luck with your project and presale!