• TRAID is another good hybrid PoW/PoS/Masternode coin one must look into. TRAID is a crypto educational initiative which aims to bring everyone to the crypto trading and blockchain world. It is the world's first blockchain-powered crypto trading education platform. 

    TRAID platform brings the world's top traders together as live mentors so that people can learn exactly how the top traders make high amount of profits consistently & can understand their strategies easily.

    What Can TRAID Do For You?

    How TRAID Works?

    This project aims to deliver a live video education platform that is highly scalable and crypto incentivized. TRAID platform will allow crypto enthusiasts of all levels to experience the financial benefits of this emerging marketplace & giving their trading careers a good head-start.

    Want to become a crypto trader but not sure where to begin?

    TRAID will help you get started.

    Want to share your crypto related knowledge with the world and get rewarded for doing so?

    TRAID will allow expert traders and investors to broadcast instructional videos to the masses and charge viewers for the consumption of their live broadcasts.

    All major cryptocurrencies will be accepted as payment on the platform, but students will get a 50% discount on all premium subscriptions if payments are made using TRAID coin.

    Where there is a problem, there will be a solution as well for it.

    What's The Problem?

    Crypto market is overflowed with shillers and shady traders with hidden agendas. It’s come to a point where finding honest traders to follow and learn from is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Newcomers lose fortunes and regret the day they started trading because they don’t have proper guidance.

    What's The Solution? is a robust crypto educational platform where students of all skill levels can learn from the best. Hand-picked professional traders will take you by the hand and show you how they trade, when they trade and what they trade. Learn by watching LIVE what the world’s best traders are doing.

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    TRAID is currently listed in CryptoBridge Exchange platform.

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    For queries & support you can contact the staff anytime in their official discord.

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  • @altx awsome project, when the alpha will be ready, this one will fly. Its something that people really would like to use to learn better trading.