• We are the cryptorebellion and do not want to conquer the crypto world alone, 

    we want to make cryptocurrencies useful together! 
    Only together we can  make history and bring the success of a revolution.

    The CREBELLION wants to start a powerful alliance!

    Do you have a strong project and ready to build alliance with us? Then get a seat in our platform and Discord server.

    The Crebellion builds an honor board for allies and your own alliance logo mixed with your cryptocurrency.


    1. Find a good cryptoproject server over 500 Members

    2. Show one of the team the instruction for the CREBELLION ALLIANCE!

    3. Send him this form for participation in the contest to become a place in the alliance.


    The project in view must have a Discord-Server with 500+ Members

    The Form must be completed by a team Member

    REWARD: 10 MERI each per

    successful applicant you bring into alliance with us.

    Good Luck!