Masternode Wizard - Masternodes truly accessible to the many

  • Hello BetweenBlocks community,

    It has been a long time since I posted for the last time, but it was for a good reason !

    I've spend the last weeks developing a tool to help everybody with the setup of masternodes, even if you don't know linux.

    It's now time to reveal it to the public : MASTERNODE WIZARD !

    For more details, join us on our social networks :

    Website :

    Currently, we support only a few projects, as you can see :

    But we are in the process of adding many others !

    And YOU can play a role in this adventure :

    • You are in a development team and want to see your project here ? Contact us !
    • You are a fan a project ? Spread our word to the devs !
    • You like our project ? Share it to the crowd !
    • You have a comment or a question ? Tell us ! We want to improve the solution !

    I hope to read your comments soon !

  • administrators

    Hey @m4x_crypto ! It's good to see community members building stuff in this ecosystem. I wish you the best! You have a lot of competition at the moment, but I'm sure you can make your place in this field 🙂

  • @kelnel if you know some projects that could be interested, don't hesitate to tell them or me 😉

    The main difference with the competition is that it is NOT a hosting platform : I think hosting platforms, even if convenient, are not aligned with the decentralized philosophy of blockchain.

  • Hello all,

    After meeting here, we worked with Cryptonodes to add them in Masternode Wizard !

  • Great idea! It will be useful for a lot of us!

  • We now have ZEST onboard, a fantastic charity project !

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