Coin2Play - Several Announcements!

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    Today I want to give you all an update on Coin2Play.

    First, we've been listed on CryptoBridge!

    CryptoBridge is a popular exchange and we are happy to be listed there. We hope that we can help them by bringing the power and volume of the Coin2Play community to their order books. We hope that in exchange, the listing on CryptoBridge will give our project exposure to new investors. We are now available on CryptoBridge and Coinexchange. 

    Next, we have been added to Delta and Blockfolio

    We understand that our investors care about their portfolio and we are happy to provide them with easy ways to incorporate C2P into their portfolio. This is yet another way that the Coin2Play team is making an investment in C2P as easy as possible. 

    Big Block has been reached! As of block 30k, masternode and staking rewards are tripled....

    We have seen some great price action in response to the big block coming. People are excited to take part in the lucrative rewards that C2P has to offer. Don't miss out, check us out today!

    We are currently hosting a huge bounty!

    We frequently host bounties to ensure that everyone has a chance to get some C2P. Come join our Discord and see what we are talking about!

    If you have any questions about Coin2Play, please reply to the thread! If you are interested in C2P, join our Discord and take part in all the fun activities!

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