[ANN] [MN/PoW] Hostmasternode (HMN) | One-Click MN Deploy | Instant Shared MN



    Beta Platform will be released for deploying HMN Masternode by 15st SEP.

    HMN team is glad to announce which provides the opportunity to Launch Masternode with One-Click Masternodes Deploy and Instant Shared Reward Pool.


    Hostmasternode Platform aim to make Masternode Deployment a seamless and obstacle-free process for every individual. With a GUI Based platform supporting One-Click Masternode Deploy Service, Instant Shared Reward Pool and button click customer support.


    Masternode Deployment Platform - By providing a user-friendly interface layer, HMN removes the need for strong technical skills on the part of the user. In the background, our flexible infrastructure and scalable distributed network ensure maximum performance and reliability with its robust architecture. The user does not need to worry about VPS servers, complex machine maintenance and overall Masternode operations.


    Instant Shared Reward Distribution - Many Masternodes usually require hefty amount of investment where a user requires to invest in range of $10K+ to buy the collateral coins. But HMN allows every user to be a part of all the Masternodes with Instant reward system and secure investment platform.

    HMN Platform solves this problem with its Instant Masternode pools. These pools allow the users to pool their Masternode coin holdings with the other users. As a result, the user with, say, a minimum number of coins can own stake in a masternode. Our instant service gets users rewarded instantly upon joining pool. With this feature, HMN outshines as a unique platform that allows you to launch a Masternode for investment without spending huge amounts of money that was required earlier.


    Support for Multiple Masternode Coins - With the HMN platform, users can have access to multiple Masternode hosting beyond HMN coin. Below listed are the currently circulated masternode coins which are under HMN platform prospecting radar.




    Coming Soon


    Coming Soon




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