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    Snode - The Future of Masternode Services

    Snode is an innovative blockchain-based ecosystem that aims at providing an integrated environment for multiple blockchain-based services. The core value of Snode is masternode solution with a wide range of high quality masternode services. Other services and products introduced in Snode’s Eco System include digital assets, blockchain project support, multi-coin mining pool, etc.

    • Dedicated masternode

    Within a few clicks, you can become a sole owner of dedicated masternode. Dedicated masternode is the highest rank and benefit the most from economy view point: the lowest fee compared to those of other types of masternode, withdrawal requests do not need to wait for 72 hours for being approved.

    • Shared masternode

    Shared masternode, on the other hand, gives investors with small capital an opportunity to own a masternode without having collateral. A group of investors gather coins as shares to start a masternode. The reward is then divided equally among investors within the group. 

    • Instant Masternodes

    While shared maternode really helps small investors, all its shares must be fulfilled before it can be started. This sometimes takes time and is inefficient. With the coordination from blockchain's development team, Snode has introduced instant masternodes lately. Instant masternode, while preserves all advantages from shared masternode, takes no time to be started because it is already filled. After sending the coins in a dedicated masternode, investors do not need to wait for their investments to start making benefit.

    • Masternodes Hosting

    You will not need to send in masternode collateral. Snode will guide you through the steps that help you setup your own masternode using Snode's infrastructure. Your coins will never leave your wallet and the rewards come directly to your wallet.

    • Automated accounting & Payment

    With this unique feature, the distribution of rewards is accurate; rewards are precisely calculated up to 0.00000001 (yes, eight numbers after the dot). This feature does not only help in rewards distribution, but it also helps automate all payment processes, i.e., refund of the investment, payment of the bonus, etc. AND, more importantly, this new payment mechanism helps us reduce the network fee to 50%.

    • Referral Bonus System

    For every referral, you get 20% bonus from all the referred people deposit as long as they still get rewards, and you can withdraw this bonus with zero withdrawal fee.

    • Bitcoin/SnodeCoin buy in

    Tired of sending BTC to exchanges to buy coins for masternode? Don't want to waste your time trying to find the coins? All you need is our BTC/SND buy-in feature. Now you can jump in any masternode of coin you want, just by spending BTC or SND. You can also receive reward in form of BTC or SND. 

    • Blockchain Development Support

    Snode advanced platform  provides blockchain startups with all necessary tools for starting their own business: Coin development , Pre-sale platform, Post-sale support, etc.

    • Multi-coin Mining pool

    We provide our users with truthful mining pool, for Snode Coin and also other coins.

    Snode's Masternode Service project was introduced to the public in April, 2018 while it was in beta phase. Within 2 months of running beta with early investors, we had achieved a notable result:

    • Two months after beta launch, we experienced a geometric growth in our user base with little or minimal marketing effort, i.e. we have more than 1200 users, with more than 100 active users.
    • We have recorded nearly $300,000 in total deposit, with an average daily payout of $2000+.
    • More than 120 masternodes have been set up till date, and more than 60 are currently active.
    • Our retention rate is outstanding, most of our early investors reinvested .
    • More than 10 major and minor versions of the web portal have been released to address investor's requirement and much more.

    But that was 2 months ago. What do we have now?

    🎯2500 users, with more than 500 active users

    🎯Over 1,500,000$ worth of coins have been deposited, average daily payout of 25,000$.

    🎯5000$ worth of referral bonus has been paid.

    🎯40 masternode coins have been supported.

    🎯900+ masternodes have been setup, nearly 500 of which are running

    🎯90%+ of investors reinvested after their first investment.

    🎯15 major and minor versions have been released

    🎯100% happy customers

    Good Morning everyone. Happy to be one of the first investors, filling up a BND node at Snode. For your info i can truly recommend Snode as a solid and very professional service provider for your Masternodes and shares. 

    Janmunchen / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    Yep, using Snode at the moment for cdm, very happy

    Fully automated system which is easy to use.

    evlknvl666 / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    It's hard to understand there something. snode(dot)co seems more simple and understanable

    CMN / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    @PH i use Snode and have found it to be very good!

    Xolo / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    @snode.co I just wanted to say that I am really pleased with your service and I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for future coins and improvements as your business grows. Keep up the good work! 👍👍

    RedneckArsenal / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    It looks like everyone has answered your questions. Ive been here a few weeks as have some of the other guys. I have multiple full nodes hosted through Snode.co ( I think 6 now) . I started with some lesser expensive ones to test the service ( I recommend you do that as well so you can see how everything works) I am very happy with everything so far. The daily payouts are broken down very nicely and its easy to track your investment. I have also canceled a node and received all of my my coins back safely within 24 hours. I have no affiliation with Snode.co but I would recommend their service to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy company for hosting MNs. I plan on doing a full detailed writeup after my first month is complete.

    ruckus205 / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    Just wanted to say I am happy today. I got my payout from my pure node and my xap node. Thanks for the great service.

    holden777 / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    @snode.co is becoming my favorite now 😃 hope there will be more MN open soon

    onemako / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    @snode Awesome, I've joined the instant cdm node and got my first payout in less than 2 hours 🙂

    Cryptoid / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    To protect the snode team I wanna say that I’ve looked for another available masternode services in the internet and I found out that snode service is just simpler and easier in interface, menu and many other things, everything, is clear for me. All the problems are always solved in time. All the announcements are available and are always in time too.

    If u don’t believe me, just look out for other services. Be glad, that u have the chance to work with these guys and service is not private. And fees are probably low. Other services has bigger fees.

    Coldinsky / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    @snode.co Thank you so much. I'm still learning :)). All I can say = best customer service in the market. Thanks again

    JoshFox / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    Snode is a professional company, better safe than sorry politics, and they will do everything to keep your coins safe and deposit all your rewards from the Masternode as soon as it has been confirmed it is safe.

    Janmunchen / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    Your team is a best from all masternodes teams, I like you really. But, if you integrate "pool investors model" I'll like you more 😃

    Sebasian / https://discordapp.com/channel...

    I'm not vested in @APRCoinOfficial, but it looks promising and @snode_co is a great service for shared master nodes and those who are technically challenged!

    coinsomnia / https://twitter.com/coinsomnia...

    "SNODE.CO" Masternode havuzu!!! Koinini seç kazanmaya başla!!

    Crypto KazanÇ /

    The best project I've ever joined. An innovative and very promising project. I want to buy some tokens and save them. I'm sure the price in the future will go up many times over...

    Abdurrahman Yalcin / https://bitcointalk.org/index....

    Amazing service, platform really easy to use, I've received rewards after one day of the investment. nice work snode,co 🙂

    PH Ferreira / https://www.facebook.com/snode...

    Snode Coin is released with the mission of providing a convenient way for our customers while investing into all projects in Snode’s Eco System. Snode Coin is essentially a hybrid system. In addition to the traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) concepts, Snode Coin also employs the most beneficial crypto-earning method - masternode. Powered by Neoscrypt - a well-known ASIC resistant crypto algorithm - during PoW phase you can all have chance to earn Snode Coins by using consumer grade hardware’s like CPU and GPUs. During PoS phase, the most recent PoS protocol, PoS v3.0 is used. 

    Masternode has been widely considered as a critical component of upholding a blockchain’s network and the most beneficial passive income earning method. With that in mind, masternode is one of our main focuses while developing SnodeCoin and it indeed plays as one of the key elements in driving SnodeCoin economy. SnodeCoin masternode is a full node which has a copy of the whole SnodeCoin network. It is associated with a frozen collateral of SND on the account of the masternode owner. The masternode owner will be rewarded the payment of 80% of rewards from a block for their services (e.g., decentralising the SND network, validating SND transactions, etc.). This amount of masternode reward is fixed no matter what the blockchain is in the PoW phase (approximately 6 months) or in the PoS phase. 

    The maximum total amount of SND’s is 60,000,000. 1,500,000 of which is pre-mined by the company

    The course of this pre-sale 26.7% of the pre-mined amount of SND is offered for sale (up to 400,000). These SNDs are expected to be distributed as follows:

    ✅ 25% of the pre-sold SNDs (10 masternodes) are offered for purchase at the price of 1 Bitcoin for each 10,001 SNDs package on the first day of the pre-sale. 

    ✅ 25% of the pre-sold SNDs (10 masternodes) are offered for purchase at the price of 0.8 Bitcoin for each 10,001 SNDs package on the second day of the pre-sale. The remaining SNDs package of the previous day will be sale at the same price of packages in second day.

    ✅ 25% of the pre-sold SNDs (10 masternodes) are offered for purchase at the price of 0.6 Bitcoin for each 10,001 SNDs package on the third day of the pre-sale. The remaining SNDs package of the previous days will be sale at the same price of packages in third day.

    ✅ 25% of the pre-sold SNDs (10 masternodes) are offered for purchase at the price of 0.04 Bitcoin for each 500 SNDs package on the fourth day of the pre-sale, in form of shares in a shared masternode. The remaining SNDs package of the previous days will be sale at the same price of packages in fourth day.

    Each phase of the pre-sale has a fixed time and amount of allocated SNDs to be distributed. No excessive SND will be sold for any phase.

    The fourth phase of the pre-sale lasts up to 10 days. After 10 days, the unsold SNDs will be burned

    Snode user could choose to host their masternode at Snode with 50% discount for the first two week

    Snode may, but is not obliged to, refuse to allocate SND in quantities exceeding of the Pre-Sale Cap as the case may be. Payments for such excessive quantities shall be returned (in the currency of the original payment) proportionally to the investors by the Company after deducting relevant costs and charges the Company has incurred in connection with processing such payments, whereas the exchange rate risk is borne by the investor.

    Website: https://snode.co/

    Explorer: https://explorer.snode.co

    Our Services: https://services.snode.co

    Discord: https://discord.gg/MPvC4gh

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/snode_co

    Snode's Official Mining Pool: https://pool.snode.co

    All wallet binaries will be released to the public 3 days before the pre-sale. In the mean time, you can use our paper wallet generator. Make sure you keep your generated private key safe and secured.

    Windows Wallet: To be updated

    Linux Wallet: To be updated

    Mac Wallet: To be updated

    Paper Wallet: https://wallet.snode.co