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    What is a Masternode?
    Masternodes are dedicated servers on the Internet that enable instant transactions and perform the trust-less anonymization of users' funds. They usually get majority of the rewards per block for this task.
    Masternodes are essentially addresses with a lot of coins in them that are not moved for extended periods of time. They help in securing the whole network and help stabilize the price of the coin, somewhat, by taking large number of coins out of circulation.
    What is a Shared Masternode?
    To make a masternode, it takes a lot of coins; worth a lot of money; and not everyone can afford it or want to put a lot of money into just a single coin. To get around this, several coin holders come together and pool their coins together and take part of the rewards, this is known as a shared masternode.

    The Team


    Community Manager - https://betweenblocks.org/user...

    How does it work?

    Create an account
    Studies have shown that many people today are using same or slightly modified passwords for many different sites. For us, security is a top priority. That is why we do not store the password of your account. Actually, your password is not known to us and your account is safe.
    We prefer to use usernames rather than email addresses, as they are getting more and more important today. However, to increase security, we use a username and password for log in. In this way, you can make totally unique login credentials only for our website.
    Login to the site can be done only from a verified IP address. Every time an attempt is made from a new IP address, it has to be approved by a link sent to the email address.
    By default, two-factor authentication is enabled.

    Please check the list of Masternodes we are supporting.
    Go to a Balance page and click on Deposit action.
    Your unique address will be generated and you can send coins to it. You can always use it for that coin. It will not be changed in the future.
    You can follow deposit transaction confirmations on the Deposit history page. After a deposit transaction is confirmed, your balance will be updated.
    Then you can add coins to the Queue for Masternode. A seat size is defined for each coin. Seat defines a minimum amount of coins that can participate in one Masternode.
    When the Queue has enough coins for Masternode collateral transaction, Masternode will be created. Queues work on the FIFO (First In First Out) method.

    Reward payment
    After the Masternode reward transaction is confirmed, it will be distributed automatically to all Masternode seat owners.
    The reward is distributed to seat owners on a percentage basis. If someone participates in one Masternode with 100 coins and the Collateral transaction requires 1000 coins, then seat owner is participating with 10%. Thus, the reward will be 10% of the total Masternode reward.
    Our fee will be charged to each seat owner. If someone is receiving 10% of the Masternode reward, our fee will be 1-10%.
    Example: the fee is 5% percentage for one coin, the seat owner is receiving 2 coins, our fee will be 0.1 of the coin.
    Our fee system is highly configurable, and can differ on the coin, Masternode, or user level. A fee range can be 1-10

    If coins are in a Queue, they first have to be removed from the Queue.
    If coins are not locked in Masternode, they can be withdrawn at any moment.
    If coins are locked in Masternode, there are the following options:
    Make a request for return and if Queue has coins, the swap will happen and your coins will be returned from Masternode and coins from the Queue will replace your coins and be a part of Masternode.
    If the Queue doesn't have enough coins, all the coins that are not swapped will have to wait for 7 days to be swapped by coins from the Queue.
    If they are not swapped in 7 days, Masternode will be automatically dissolved, your coins will be returned to you and remaining coins from Masternode will be sent to the Queue.
    If one Masternode has 70% or more coins for which the return request is created, Masternode will be dissolved immediately.

    Coins currently offered as part of Shared Masternodes on MyNode.rocks:
    ALQO (XLQ)
    Bitcoin Green (BITG)
    ColossusCoinXT  (COLX)
    Denarius (DNR)
    Desire (DSR)
    Deviant (DEV)
    Digiwage (WAGE)
    DIXICoin (DXC)
    Exsolution (EXT)
    FOLM (FLM)
    GoByte (GBX)
    Interzone (ITZ)
    Kalkulus (KLKS)
    Las Vegas (VGS)
    Luxcore (LUX)
    Polis (POLIS)
    Pure (PURE)
    Rhenium (XRH)
    Stipend (SPD)
    Straks (STAK)
    Ultima (ULT)
    Zoin (ZOI)

  • administrators

    Masternode sharing services are interesting because there is a high demand for it but a lot of "fear" because people are rightfully worried of having to send their coins. How do you address this common concern? 

    Thanks for being here, wish you the best!

  • @kelnel Thanks for your question. This is a totally valid concern especially with the state of crypto world and all the new coins and "services" being offered. I had the same concern or question regarding MyNode.rocks. I also had extensive discussion with the owner of the service and got to know how genuine and trustworthy the service was hence, I offered to help enlighten others about the honest and unique service that is offered at MyNode.rocks.

    I understand we are 'new' however, we have a very transparent and automated system. All of our users can track and monitor the rewards for each of the masternode and get rewards paid out instantaneously, not weekly or every few days. The system is automated so this prevents 'many hands' getting involved or any manual movements of funds hence, the risk of anyone stealing funds are greatly reduced.  The service is also delivered through the website not another "Discord run share MN service" so we can be tracked and traced through the services we had to registered in order to run the website. This means we have to provide more information to various services we require to run the website in a smooth and secure way, unlike a "Discord shared MN service" which is run by a user with a Discord account!

    We are trying to build trust and become more transparent as a service, thus we are exploring many possibilities. One them being to register MyNode.rocks as a company. This is a ongoing and open discussion we have with our users - check out our Discord channel for the full history of the conversations. https://discord.gg/fvXz5p3

    I am happy to answer any more question you or any other users of BetweenBlock have 🙂

  • administrators

    @supercoiner111 Nice and thank you for the details! I think having a team that is not anonymous would go a long way towards building trust. Is that something you have discussed or are considering?

  • @kelnel You mean you would like to know the identity of the team member and they roles?

  • administrators

    @supercoiner111 I think it would give an additional sense of security if we could easily identify the team yes. However I dont want to push for that, as I understand privacy is often paramount online and especially in crypto. I was just curious to know if this is something you would consider to help people feel secure (knowing who holds your coin seems a reasonable concern)

  • @kelnel I totally understand that is very normal and I can relate to that too. As you know we are more legitimate service than a discord run shared MN service hence, we are more traceable. I can confirm we are not running a scam or plan to run away with the coin. The only reason we do not want put our identities out in the public is mainly for the safety of our families.

    We also understand your side of the discussion regarding security and we are exploring ways to be transparent. One way is to register the company to become more legitimate (as mentioned before).

    The owner (see bitcointalk user information or come over to discord he would be more than happy to talk to you) is financing everything. Here is quote from him from Discord conversations (this can also be searched) giving an outline about the website beginnings and experience:

    "At one moment I had 5 developers working on this project (designer, web developer, front end developer, full stack developer and me). All of them were on my payroll.

    We all were working on the project after our daily jobs. I wanted to hire only experienced people. Also you should know that we (as a team) all had excellent communication and general feedback was great in both ways.
    I have more than enough years of experience to design and manage project like this one. Working in this branch for 15 years and currently holding Technical Team lead position in big international company.
    For now, our identities will not be revealed for reasons mentioned above. Project will go on, we will work on updates and maybe take one more step and make website as open source project."

  • administrators

    Thx for the details again! Registering the company would be a good step towards building trust indeed in my opinion. Good luck with your project!

  • @kelnel Many thanks your feedback and wishes are very much appreciated 🙂

  • *****We have added DIXICoin (DXC) to MyNode.rocks shared Masternode service*****

  • *****We have added Kalkulus Coin (KLKS) to MyNode.rocks shared Masternode service*****

  • *****We have added SysCoin [SYS] to MyNode.rocks shared Masternode service*****

  • administrators

    @supercoiner111 said:

    *****We have added SysCoin [SYS] to MyNode.rocks shared Masternode service*****

     Awesome! Not a lot of hosting services offer SYS yet. Standard pricing?

  • @kelnel 7% of the reward fee

  • *****We have added Stipend [SPD] to MyNode.rocks shared Masternode service*****


  • *****We have added Deviant [DEV] to MyNode.rocks shared Masternode service*****


  • To me masternode sharing services are the most stupid thing in masternodes ever. Go learn how to setup your nodes yourself and you OWN the coin and get 100% reward instead of trusting a stranger on the internet and uselessly paying him fees. If you can't effort a node of a good coin look into other investments in crypto. In the masternode analysis sheet XMX is currently very high ranked and its lower then 500$ a node. https://docs.google.com/spread... rather get something like then giving your money some stupid sharing service.

    And no I have never used one and no I was never scammed by anything like it.

  • @red23 It's not about knowing to set up a masternode. Not everyone wants to go all in on a MN after all its high risk so people want shared MN to share the investment and reduce the cost. If you don't trust shared MN, not a problem no one if forcing you invest in something you do not want. However, we been asked this question about trust from the beginning and as you see everything is transparent and we have nothing to hide and we are still here.

  • *****We have added Rhenium [XRH] to MyNode.rocks shared Masternode service*****